646 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M6J

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Stay AWAY from here!

I am the landlord at this location, The apartment was totally gutted in Jan 2011, there were ABSOLUTELY NO Bedbugs, the whole unit was fumigated by qualified licensed professionals as this is standard procedure prior to renovating and replacing drywall, painted, drywalled, all floors and bathrooms were replaced and unit was completely redone. This registry posts anonymous posts. I am certain the posting was done by a previous troubled subtenant who had some serious issues with the tenant. This

being the internet where anyone can post, causes grief and complete misinformation for all. It is a sad world when lowly individuals resort to posting false information thinking they are getting back at their partners. Being the landlord I was not aware of the tenant's quarrels until the tenant decided to move out. Any concerns as there are none should be directed to the Landlord. ONCE AGAIN THERE ARE NO BEDBUGS IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING.

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Was sprayed in april 2010 and again several times I know of until sept 2010. Kept returning. Infested. Don't move there.

DANGER HERE! Stay away!!!

This place has been sprayed several times from April to August 2010 and they just keep coming back.
If you're going to rent there, be very very careful. I'd suggest finding somewhere else, if you can.

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