575 Adelaide St W
Toronto, ON M6J

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It's Toronto Housing (TCHC). RUN !!

I visited the building to inquire about vacancies and asked a young guy who lived in the building if there were bedbugs- and he said he found a few in his bed- but hadn't told the superintendent. So they are in this building. I suggested he tell the super and deal with it.

Any updates?

I was considering to move into this building...

Should I even bother contacting the management to see the vacant units?

I feel hopeful considering there was only one post from 6 months ago.

Current tenant, when I first moved in the building while cleaning I noticed dead adult bed bugs in the top of the medicine cabinet. Former tenants might have had a infestation, although checked the rest of the apartment, no bugs and no bites I assumed the problem was taken care of. Months later I noticed extremely small live BB's in the baseboards of the walls (they survive almost anywhere!). Overall the building is well maintained, but these pests don't discriminate.

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