42 Claremont St
Toronto, ON M6J

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I've been living at this address for a few months now. No issues thus far. I was told ahead of time that there was a history of bed bugs but after tenants moved out the entire property was able to be properly treated and all at the same time. No complaints so far. Fingers crossed.

I live at this location on the upper two floors since April 2012 - nothing much has changed...

We keep things pretty tidy upstairs, and our kitchen has TONS of cockroaches. It took 3 solid weeks of me calling the property management company DAILY until finally something was done - they did not return my calls and when they did they couldnt give me a date for the exterminators to come - i finally had to call this Lady Bugs company myself and schedule my own time then call the property ppl back

to tell them what date. Now two weeks later we STILL have cockroaches in the kitchen - we saw a big sucker just the other day.

They did not inform us of anything prior to moving in - love the area - but this place is overpriced - poorly maintained - and seriously infested. Rent at your own risk - but dont say these people didnt try to warn you - I wish i would have seen this site before i moved in...

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I lived on the second and third floor of this house in 2007-8 and the cockroaches were hardcore. Like gigantic ones. One frightening incident involved a cockroach hidden in the handle of a frying pan... once the pan heated up, the cockroach began to sizzle and smoke, then proceeded to exit the frying pan handle and skitter ON TO MY HAND. I initially mistook it for a scarab beetle, it was that big.

When the roach situation reached critical mass, our property mgmt company finally called in exte

rminators. The roaches soon returned and after the visit of a 3rd exterminator (we paid for this one ourselves), he informed us that the roach problem likely stemmed from the unit below, as ours was well kept and mess free. We approached the property manager about this, suggesting they spray the lower level, too, but the neighboring tenants refused. We suspect they were shady dealings happening down there... prostitution ring, mob dealings, at the very least there was a pot lab.

Needless to say, I'm very happy to not be living there any more. The unit was overpriced and the management company was lazy. To whoever finds the broken lawn chairs we stashed on the roof of the upper deck... you're welcome :)

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Believe it or not, that house is susceptible to infestation. I lived there a year 09-10 on the 2nd and 3rd floors. We didn't have clutter, we kept the place clean and we were treated once every 3 weeks for months and even then they came back. The apartments surrounding it had them too, which was the problem.

Glad to hear it's bug free, just don't forget to check your mattresses regularly. Wouldn't catch me living there again.

As of Sept 2011 this home has been bug free it is clean and beautiful currently occupied by very nice clean tenants who do not believe any of this garbage on this website ....so there

Horrendous! This place is not being treated properly especially because next door is not being treated at all. Can't handle it and it is costing me a fortune to treat my bites, take time off work, clean, mattress covers etc.

Can't get rid of them Even the day after the spraying we get bit.

The house next door is infested. South of this one.

can't stop them here we get sprayed all the time and they just come right back

First noticed bugs in February 2010. Now quite infested. Both suites at this address have bedbugs, and efforts by Lady Bug Pest Control of Etobicoke are proving ineffective.

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