1417 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6J

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Carol's Furnished Rentals is a registered business with the government of Ontario and only offers short term accommodations. We are licensed by the City of Toronto and therefore we are required to have an annual inspection by a Toronto Building Standards office and by the Toronto Fire department.
Our licenses is in good standard and is clearly posted at the front entrance and is visible for all to peruse. Our suites are vacation homes, Condos and apartments solely intended to provide living ac

commodation for the traveling or vacationing, executive class and for emergency housing. Occupancy is for a seasonal or temporary period only.
Our location at 1417 Dundas Street West, is an apartment building with 13 of our most economical units. The typical guest at 1417 Dundas Street West are international students, students on work terms, intern Doctors, and backpackers.
The average stay is 4 to 8 weeks. We do not require a last month rent, and leases are not required. The guest is given an invoice every four weeks. The maximum length of time our invoices are for a month (4 weeks), at the end of the month the guest can either extend for another month or they can leave.

No one will stay at an establishment from September 2011 to August 2012 if the conditions were as described by Anonymous on 01/24/2013

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I lived in this apartment from September 2011 - August 2012. DO NOT MOVE HERE. The place was filthy, bugs everywhere and management is horrible. During the winter I had to buy my own personal heater because heat was not turned on. No air conditioning in the summer. The baseboard water heater that was installed in my unit burst and covered my mattress and clothes in tar and water. I did not receive a couple articles of clothing back and had to sleep on a dirty mattress for the remainder of my sta

y. Appliances and furnishings were cheap and constantly broke. Multiple times, I had the code for the front door changed without adequate notice and had to call management to tell me the new code. When I moved out, management refused to give my security deposit back and accused me of taking items from the room. Carol's Furnished Rentals is a scam.

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