1305 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6J

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Bites first started showing at the end of July, but after about a month and no signs of bugs, they stopped happening. Then at the end of November, I got a ton of bites (about 7-9) in one spot. After a frantic search I found 1 dead bug on my floor by my bed, still no signs of them elsewhere. After about a week and a half of no bites, I find A bug (doubtful that it was a bed bug) in the area I suspected of being infected, which is enough for me to call my super and property manager. First spray ha

ppened this past Thursday and second spray is happening next Monday. No bites since the ones late November.

Apparently my apartment (prior to my moving in) and my neighbour's apartment have had bed bugs before. I don't know know about my place, but my neighbour's place was treated. Fingers crossed that this treatment works. I kind of wish the building would shell out for heat treatment.

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I picked up my daughter's friend from this address and brought her (and her bags) back to my house. That evening, I noticed bites all over her arms and shoulders. She spent two nights at my house, and I am now terrified that they were imported to my house.

We have totally disaffected the room, with the help of an extermination company 5 times since March. Bedbugs disappeared for about a month but now have returned with a vengeance.

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