121 Dovercourt Rd
Toronto, ON M6J

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These landlords will tell you that there were no bedbugs but after living there for a year there was most DEFINITLY BED BUGS in the house, all apartments 119 and 121! DO NOT RENT this apartment, the landlords are unreasonable people. The front porch is under surveillance, the male landlord looks through his tenants garbage, a tenant opened her window to get fresh air during the winter and the landlord nailed it shut. The tenants living in the basement (who are relatives to the landlords) scre

am at each other till all hours in the morning, the kids are constantly crying, it is very unpleasant and can be heard as if you are in the same room! the landlords live next door and are constantly looking over and watching and telling you what not to do. You will not feel like you live there, you will feel invaded! when we asked the landlords to turn up the heat becuase it was freezing, they turned it up 2 degrees!!! when i called to complain they said there was nothing they could do, it WAS NOT comfortable living conditions. These people are ridiculous! don't be fooled by the good location and spacious apartment, it looks good from the outside but after a few months you will realize that it is very cheaply renovated and maintained!

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Terrible bed bug problem. Had to move.

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