795 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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I have lived in at this location from June 2008 to present day December 2008. Please believe me when I say I can hardly wait to leave. Not only did I move in to find this house (converted into three apartment units) in poor and relatively unsafe conditions, but I soon found out that there are pest issues beyond repair. This house (and neighboring houses possibly) has mice, roaches, and bedbugs. Of the three, mice and bedbugs are much harder to eradicate and I have come to realize, after six

months of misery, that this may never be corrected. Exterminators are legalized con artists and will talk tenants and landlord alike into thinking there is hope for change but really, not even Barack Obama could sell me audacious hope at this point. The problem grows into a long term reality and can only be ignored or tolerated. I am not the person to do either and so must get away from such filth pronto.

Yes there is an advisory on the whole city of Toronto (pretty much) for these disgusting creatures, but where some locations are better and some landlords more helpful, 795 Lansdowne offers neither so out I must go.

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