730 Dovercourt Rd
Toronto, ON M6H

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I have lived at 730 Dovercourt for over a year.

I had bedbugs within a month of moving in, and then another time, and I have them again now (Aug 2015). I've lived in Toronto for many years and had quite a few experiences with bedbugs, and this is the worst infestation I have every experienced. The building management hires 'Magical Pest Control' to spray. They ONLY spray my apartment, they don't stop the spread of the bedbugs.

I've seen people washing/drying all their belongings in the la

undry room several times. The building management is not very transparent about the depth of the bedbug issue, it seems like the building has an infestation that won't go away - I have seen pest control trucks here on numerous occasions, and I know my neighbour has had them at least twice since I've lived here as well. There are also a ton of roaches ... I've seen them come in through the crack under the front door - within weeks of the 'preventative treatment'.

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I have lived in the building for the past three years and I have enjoyed and enjoy immensely. Management is great and treat you well. No fire alarm problem lately. I have not heard of any bedbug issue.
I know for sure they do "pests clean out" they called once a year, to prevent pets coming in the building, and in fact they just started again for for this year.
Don't hesitate to rent to Doversquare Apartments as is a great place to live.

I have lived in this building for more than 2 years and have not had an issue... until recently.
In past years, the building management has done preventative care in the bathroom and in the kitchen, however I haven't been informed of this pre-pest control for this year. Additionally, over the past month, I have been waking up with itchy bug bites. After being exceptionally paranoid and rigorously cleaning my bedroom, mattress, vacuuming electrical outlets and baseboards, and putting all of my

bedding in the sub-zero temperatures of my balcony, I have finally found bed bugs. Management will be coming in to assess and spray, but I have to admit that they were slow to respond until I told them that I am going to report it to the City of Toronto and a attached a photo of the culprit.

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Hi there,

Just saw the scathing review by a recent tenant moving out. Visited the building and spoke to another tenant who said he enjoyed living in the building. Seems I am getting mixed reviews. If anyone can share their experiences that would be very helpful! Are bed bugs still an issue? Fire alarm still being pulled? Thanks in advance.

The doversquare apartments are absolutely awful. Do not move here under any circumstance. Management is extremely rude and unhelpful. The buildings are infested with bed bugs. There is a complete lack of preventative maintenance which ends up causing pest infestations as well as flooded apartments and non functioning appliances. There is also a lot of mold in the basement(especially the storage locker rooms) and the machines in the laundry room are never clean. My experience at these apartments

and with Sterling Karamar property management in general has been nothing short of atrocious and I am counting down the days until I am finally able to move out from this godforsaken apartment building.

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We've lived here for a year, no bed bugs or pests yet and management just arranged for all the units to be treated with petsafe mouse and roach prevention powder and gel.

I will say that someone with far too much time on their hands, god knows who, hates this building and the fire alarm gets pulled weekly, often in the middle of the night around 3:00am. It is hell. It takes about 10 mins for the fire department to show up and turn it off. According to others here this has been going on fo

r years. If you have a baby or sick relative, stay away from 730.

They put the single pleasant, intelligent English speaking staff member in charge of leasing the units and she is great. There is a Polish woman who is so lazy you'll want to pull your hair out of you ever need anything from her and the rest of the office staff in the management office are no pleasure either. I think they must have "talk to everyone like they are children and you are their angry parent" written into their training manual, so god help you if you want access to your storage space (which they must accompany you to at all times).

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We previously reported about moving in and finding bed bugs after a couple of days. We lived on the fourth floor. It was an awful experience, however the management was really prompt about treatments. That said there ws no known follow up of adjacent units and we used DE and vacuuming regularly to get us to a place that we felt safe to move.To those who go threw this, there is an end if u are delegant and insistent on proper treatment but only as much as the management takes care of the problem.

.. Insist upon investigation of apartments above below beside and across and call public health if u need assistance because they will ensure this happens. Good luck and stay calm, it will get better.

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Calling this a TERRIBLE ENCOUNTER would be an understatement !
I moved into the 11th floor of this building only to get a major infestation of bedbugs within a month . I have always been a clean person and kept my 2 bedroom spotless but according to my friends on the 10th and 7th floors, even that couldn't save me (as their apartments have been treated multiple times prior) after living with bed bugs and trying to treat them with 0 luck or help from the management, I moved out! (November 29/20

12) you knew it was really bad when you could see them climbing up the wall ! Eeeekkkk.
This building really is sketchy to say the least. Several druggies and shady people on the first floors, and the fire alarm gets pulled ALL THE TIME during the night ... Managment was terrible getting back to me with everything (except setting up my direct payment of course) Do yourself a favor and please stay away from this place!!!

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what floor is this on? I have notice bugs aswell, this really sucks

could you tell me what floor are you at?

I live in this building and now I am scared.


We found out our apartment had bed bugs just days after moving in. It's been 2.5 mos since living here, 3 treatments and a whole lot of sleepless nights. We will be moving out as soon as possible. I don't believe they do thorough treatments, meaning adjacent units are not inspected or treated also. I don't believe they are honest about the depth of the problem or frequency of reports because I was told there has only been one problem in the past! We have been living out of plastic bags with the

majority of our belongings sealed up since we moved in. We had gotten somewhat comfortable after 1mos of not noticing any activity only to find that they were back within a couple of weeks and barely enough time to catch up on sleep and relax the paranoia.
My advice... Avoid apartment buildings in TO right now and set your sights on apartment units in houses etc. That way at least the problem can be more easily contained (perhaps).
New renters... Keep looking!

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I've been living here for a bit over a year now and no bedbugs so far. But there is another issue. Those buildings have quite few subsidized housing units but management don't tell you that. Quite a few druggies on lower floors and garbage collecting people which sooner or later WILL result in infestation. There is also major problem with burglaries here and I heard personally from 14 division Police officers those buildings are "active". Management does not post any notices for people about the

break-ins and you will only find out when it is too late. The locks/doors they have are a joke and it takes only about 20 seconds to get in. If you walk around the building you will see metal plates around locks on some doors. These are the ones that already have been burglarized and management put those plates only AFTER the fact even though they know about the problem. You can tell that it's bad by seeing how many units have those in place. Their "24 security video" is a joke since it's in the mainly in the hall by the elevators and if you use the south entrance there is NO CAMERA'S whatsoever and thieves KNOW that. Cheap solutions. Cheap company. I do not recommend having management like that. I will be moving out.

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Looking to move in here, has there been any recent incidents? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hey, we are about to move into that building in a couple of days, we just read now that there were bedbugs... whoever posted that report, do you remember which unit the bedbugs where in? Thanks!

I have been a resident of 730 Dovercourt for a few years, I used to live on the 15th floor. During those years, we had at least 3 occasions where bedbugs attacked. We always kept our apartment extremely clean with no food or dirt lying around, yet they still came back.

Of course, we let the management know and to my surprise they were not very accommodating. They told us they would get someone to come and spray the place, but no one got back to us and we had to call back a few times before t

hey got on top of things.

Overall I would not recommend this apartment as the high apartment costs are not worth the bed bugs, indifferent management, and smaller than average rooms.

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We have been living in this building for almost five years and have had friends and neighbors who have both had them and we have had bedbugs twice 2 years apart.
The bugs love to bite me and I have really bad allergic reaction to the bites and I swell up and each bite ends up bubbling and I usually end up with a skin infection that I need antibiotics on.
First incident April 2008 and the second October 1.

The prep work for bed bug spraying is intense and I have spent so much money on bed b

ug free mattress covers bins to seal things in in case this happens again. I want to move because they keep moving through the building they have finally started treating the inside of the light switches and electrical outlets.
At the same time A neighbor 5 floors above me was being treated as well.
My friend had them so bad in the building across that the entire floor had to be sprayed.
The Building is fine and pays for the spraying but It doesn't seem to last before the bugs are on the move.
A super told my friend that she brought them when he knows how common they are.
Before you move in make sure it's sprayed.

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September 27, 2010

I live in a high-rise apartment building.
Had been getting mysterious red marks on the skin over the period of a few months, then one day I killed a bedbug running across my living room wall. After comparing with images of bedbugs online, there was no mistaking what it was. Immediately informed the building management, who scheduled a pest control company to come in the following week. While waiting for pest control the bites continued and I caught a bedbug crawling up my

leg while I was at the computer.
The exterminator came with a glorified squirtgun, told us to stay out for a few hours, and was walking out the door in under 10 min. It has been a week and a half since the treatment, and the bites continue in full force. We just saw another live bug today. We were told to wait a couple weeks before asking for a second treatment, but we will be calling very soon.

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