409 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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My boyfriend just moved outta there! Good riddance. OMG, we've both been experiencing the worst bed-buggery ever since March / April 2010, and during the hot months of June / July 2010. No one knows how they got there in the first place, but these bites took weeks to disappear, and the trauma of getting bit night after night for a month was just as severe. The place was finally sprayed, yes, but duhh, they came back... because that's what bed-bugs do!! This slumlord is in total denial. He

took in another renter right away for August 2010, without even informing her that there was a bed-bug problem. But now that she knows, she's screwed... but hopefully will be putting in her notice right away. The least this slumlord coulda done was tell her the truth, left it vacant for a month to deal with the bed-bugs and other obvious problems, such as mould and a leaking shit-pipe in the ceiling in the bedroom. But of course, he didn't. No surprise. At least my boyfriend's cats were able to keep the mice at bay during the winter & spring, and was able to stop the drug addicts from having sex and smoking crack in both the garage and laundry room by simply fixing the latch on the garage door, replacing the entrance door, and putting locks on both! Imagine that. Locks keep the crackheads out. Who woulda thunk?

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I have lived at 409 Lansdowne Av for nearly a year, and saw one mouse the first week after moving in, but the landlord put screens on the windows, and we haven't seen one mouse since. The Landlord has dealt with the problem. I have never seen a cockroach here.

Not bed bugs atleast not yet! But beware house is INVADED with mice, the landlord set out traps but never repaired any holes or points of entry. This house also ended up with tons of ants everywhere. But mice deffinatly own this house BEWARE seriously. And found a cockroach in the shower the day we moved..

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