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My encounter with this website has been most offensive. The founder Maciej readily admits that he can't prove anything - even admits that the posts might be by liars or hypochondriacs. Yet he leaves all posts up, unless he doesn't like the wording. The post for this address - a rooming house where only a single tenant has been here for more than 2 years (the rest have turned over many times during this period) - was from a disgruntled tenant more than a year ago as they moved out. There are curr

ently 6 tenants here who don't have bedbugs and have never seen any. Maciej's attitude of "You have bedbugs, deal with it - and don't 'abscond your responsibilities to help management fix the problem' " - is beyond obnoxious. Who the hell does he think he is? The world's ombudsman? He's immensely proud of his astounding internet accomplishments, and cares not for a moment how he might be damaging people's lives or businesses (for instance a guitar teacher, a new tenant, who cannot get his students to come here for lessons because of Maciej's great humanist work).
Maciej is here to serve himself and feel important. His work is useless and even damaging to innocent receptors of his postings. Postings are not removed. And he demands that you send him proof that the situation is fixed and says he'll only remove your report if he gets confirmation from the original poster - but how will he do that when they are anonymous, and there was no proof that the report had any validity to begin with? This amounts to libel on the parts of the poster and Maciej. Maciej ignores disputes and letters of complaint. As a recent new tenant myself, I am prepared to take legal action against his site. We'll see what transpires...

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I love how people seem to have "x-ray vision" in that, if there are no bbs in their apt, there can be none in any other. Furthermore, I cannot believe that people are still using the "J" word. Are you not aware of Canada's Hate Laws (for which you can BE PROSECUTED?).

I'm sorry you have BBs, but this site is for reporting them, not reporting why you think you might have them or for absconding from your own responsibilities to help management get rid of them!

I live in the basement apartment of this location and THERE ARE NO BED BUGS its utter bullshit.

Recently moved into an apartment in the building, only to discover that the space was already infested with bed bugs. I'm currently trying to deal with the infestation, but the landlord insists that they're "ants."

They're not.

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