275 Havelock St
Toronto, ON M6H

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This is Chris from the 1049 Bloor posting... Frank is a liar through and through and the sooner you move the better off you're going to be!

I assume you took Apt. 4 on the 3rd floor? The place not only has bed bugs but violates the Fire Code (pull stations in the hall are not active), and when I told Frank he said I was lying. When I told Toronto Fire they sent a marshal and fined him 5,000$. Weeks later we received a notice that "Franks daughter needed to move into the apt" so we were, essen

tially, evicted for standing up for our safety and rights.

I assume since you are not Franks daughter and are most likely in Apt. 4 this was also a lie on his part.

My advice... get out while you can. Frank isn't a Landlord as he does not Lord over his land. He's a slum lord and a goof who thinks educated people such as myself are as dumb as he is.

Also, his wife is shrill. Just thought I'd share.

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We moved in to one of the apartment in February and started noticing bites in May. We have never had bed bugs before and because only one of us was getting bites it took us awhile to realize what they were. We notified the landlord in July and they were quick to get the unit sprayed.

HOWEVER, they told us they had never had bedbugs in the building before. Not only was this untrue (**please see this link for other posts pertaining to 275 Havelock St. http://bedbugregistry.com/location/ON/M6H/

Toronto/1049-Bloor-St-W **), but when I called to see if they were going to spray the other units Frank, our landlord, accused us of bringing them into the building and suggested that we had them because our apartment is dirty (not true).

Since spraying, we have no new bites but have found evidence that they're still in the apartment. Anyone considering moving into this building should reconsider as we had a bad infestation which has clearly not been eradicated and our landlord is an unsympathetic liar. BEWARE!

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