274 Havelock St
Toronto, ON M6H

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Problem began when I moved in: summer 2011. Landlords first tried to hold me accountable for bringing them in. I found three or four crawling around in bright daylight. They bought me store-bought cans of insecticide to spray myself. I had my mattress against my wall one night, and saw dozens of tiny baby bugs crawling all over. The spray was not working. I told them this, but they continued to buy it. They got the cleaning lady to spray my room one day, and even though I didn't see any for a fe

w days after, I decided to stay in a different room on the main level of the house. Everything seemed to be fine for a few weeks, until a few days before I moved out. I found another bed bug crawling across my comforter.

These landlords are argumentative and avoidant. The entire house is slowly becoming infested with bed bugs.

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