217 Wallace Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

Found 2 reports:

No bed bugs reported for over 1 month. Cracks have been filled. All rooms have been tested and are fine now.

Had bugs in ground floor room since Nov/07, infest room and nearby room. Sprayed this year 3 times, but by unknown bed bug expert claiming guarantee but for only $500 a year... seems too cheap. Top floor reported 1 bug and each room...

Bitten twice in basement 10/7/08 & 10/8/08 which was never sprayed until 10/9/08. 10/10/08 bitten on face in lit room, cleaned and sprayed 1 day earlier.

Owners who live in house don't want to shell out more money to get another exterminator.

African & Ja

maican residents have not got bitten or reacted to bites, but I'm Asian and get bacterial infections from them.

see full report...

No nearby bug reports