2 Regal Rd
Toronto, ON M6H

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I am a current resident and have not had any experience with cockroaches or bedbugs. I've been living here since April 2015. I live on the 6th floor if that makes any difference (?).

That said, we recently had mice but took care of it ourselves.

It's a lot tougher to deal with bugs over mice in my opinion but overall I've had a positive experience at this building.

Hopefully I've not jinxed myself.

We had bedbugs, cockroaches and mice while living at 2 Regal Road. Management did not provide any real solutions but only cheap fixes that did not get rid of any of the pests.

I would advise not signing a lease at this apartment building. It will only cause unwanted stress.

My daughter currently resides in this building and while there has been no observable bedbugs,thank goodness, I will tell you that there is a massive cockroach problem. In speaking with the superintendent and an independent exterminator, there have been some attempts to rectify the problem. That said, the cockroaches are definitely winning.

I hired the independent exterminator to bring some relief to the situation in my daughter's apartment, but that will only be a temporary solution. Moving

out is the only solution.

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no personal experience with bedbugs but a really terrible cockroach problem that they do not deal with at all. they might do some surface "solutions" but the entire building is overrun with them and they will not call in an exterminator. speaking with the management company was a complete nightmare. they are psychotic and act illegally by intimidation. i wish i saw this webpage before i moved there. fair warning.

can anyone at this address current/former
advise me on the bedbug/cockroaches situation
as of october 29th

I lived in this unit for 2 months before I moved out because of a complete cockroach infestation. It was to the point where roaches were crawling up my walls, dressers and bed. The night I moved in they began pouring out of the walls. I connected with several other residents who confirmed this has been an issue for years and management refuses to do anything other than bandaid solutions. When I moved out management threatened to take me to court and countersue me and refused to release us fr

om our lease.


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Hi- to the person who wrote on August 11th, 2015. The building has a cockroach problem that the management does not properly address. Depending on your tolerance for such things, it may or may not bother you. I have seen several in my unit since moving in, and even one in the elevator. Responses by the management involved bandaid solutions that will only ever deal with the problem temporarily.

As for bedbugs, there is not problem as far as I know, but would not be surprised if there was. I w

ould avoid this building if I were you.

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I am currently looking to rent in this building. Anyone currently there have an update on the status of anything in the building?

I understand nothing is perfect, please be honest in your review as I take everything here with a grain of salt.

Thank you!

From Mike Linden, the manager of 2 Regal Road.
I want to respond to a 11/13/2014 report from Anonymous. The first thing to note is that the author of the false report is afraid to state his name for fear of being sued for libel and defamation.
That letter containg false allegations was written by a disgruntled former tenant who is seeking revenge because he was evicted for non-payment of rent.
I am not going to say that we never had a case of bed bugs. Every building in Toronto has had bed bu

gs. However to use the word "infestation" is false. We have averaged less than one case per year and we hired a professional exterminator who solved the problem forthwith.
We have no bed bugs in the building as of today.
If we get a case of bed bugs we will deal with it forthwith. Our building is very well managed and we deal with all tenant complaints forthwith.

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Lived in 2 Regal Rd from September 2013 to June 2014. By December of 2013, bedbugs began appearing in our apartment. After asking around, it turns out that our next-door neighbours had had a massive infestation, prompting them to move out.

We were also told that numerous other apartments in the unit had had infestations in the past and that the building's owners (Provident) refused to call exterminators; bed bugs would move from apartment to apartment as infestations were treated with cockroa

ch repellent (the building also has cockroaches).

Because the management wouldn't call an exterminator, we were forced to treat the problem by buying a steam heater, glue traps, and laundering everything - but of course, they never really leave, they just migrate to other units.

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