182 Lappin Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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We are current tenants and have been living at this address for over two years. Neither we or our neighbours have any issues with pests. When we saw this website and report... we just had to write something to clarify and update this report. We are proud of our home and this is surprising to say the least.
K & M

We are the people upstairs that reported the bedbugs. We were not "idiots" bringing in anything we found off the street. In fact, we are very clean people and keep this place very tidy. Anyone who has researched this issue will find that every resource explains it has nothing to do with cleanliness. This is a problem that can affect anyone. Additionally, anyone who comes on this website will see right away that there are in fact MANY houses all over this area that have reported bedbug infestatio

ns. We contacted the landlord immediately, and have already hired exterminators to come asap.

From what I understand, by law landlords are responsible for covering the entire cost of extermination, according to the Ontario Tenant-Landlord Act, specifically a provision set aside for this exact situation (bedbug infestation).

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2012/11/02 - the people in the apartment above me in the house (I live in the basement) reported to our landlord that they have bedbugs... I imagine they were idiots and brought something they shouldn't have in from the curb... anyway, the landlord says that there are no vents down into the basement so we should be fine, but I don't have my hopes up.

Not a fan.

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