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Lisa also, Frank evicted us on the grounds that his daughter was moving in, which I called bullshit on him (this was after the fire marshal had fined him)... so obviously he was lying. This man is terrible, if i were you i'd prepare to move out sooner rather then later.

PS. i went by the building during the garbage strike.... what a pile of trash on the lawn!!!!

"Submitted by "lisa" on 05/28/2009

hey, i was wondering, chris -- did you ever actually see a bedbug, or did you just find bites? i've put a deposit on apt #4-275 Havelock, your old apt it would seem, and i'm wondering how/if the problem was ever resolved. i'm supposed to move in next month."

Lisa, i'm SO sorry to hear you took that Apt!! Frank is a horrible landlord, and he will tell you things like "this has never happened before"... also, have you blown the power yet? Not the box in t

he apt, but the actual box in the basement? That was our other MAJOR complaint... Frank actually evicted us because we called in a fire inspector and frank was fined for turning off the building's fire pull stations. The power is brutal in that place, and worse is when it blows, you're at the mercy of 2-4-1 to be open to get into Mahmoud's basement (really, REALLY nice guy... just not there 24/7)

If you'd like to talk to me directly, e-mail me @ [email protected]

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well, we moved in, thinking we'd take our chances since chris never wrote back to say that yes, he actually saw bedbugs in apt 4 of 275 havelock, and because more importantly, we'd already paid first month's rent, and after a month of living here without noticing any bugs (and we've been looking) we've finally found some in our bed. we're aggressively fighting them now with steam and diatomaceous earth, bowls of water around the bed legs, double sided tape, laundry, caulking up holes and cracks

, etc..., but we have kittens and i'm pregnant, so pesticides seem out of the question. not sure if this will work considering we're at the mercy of every other apartment within 30 meters of us, and their ability to deal with them there. so brutal.

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Re: Your query to Chris - If Chris doesn't live there anymore - only 3 mos after he posted here - you might think he moved out because of the bedbugs. Recommend you do some more reading and inform yourself about bedbugs. www.bedbugger.com is a good website.

hey, i was wondering, chris -- did you ever actually see a bedbug, or did you just find bites? i've put a deposit on apt #4-275 Havelock, your old apt it would seem, and i'm wondering how/if the problem was ever resolved. i'm supposed to move in next month.

I just wanted to thank Chris for taking the time to post this message. I just went to see 275 Havelock this week, and was seriously considering renting the apartment. I am so grateful that I was made aware of this, and I am definitely no longer considering this apartment.

My sister went through an awful experience with bed bugs at 359 Davenport so I am well aware of how awful it is to have to endure.

I can't thank you enough.

UPDATE: no signs of bedbugs or bites after 3rd* treatment by Orkin in November 2008 in both apartments #2 and #3 @ 1049 Bloor St. W

*5 treatments in total between 2 different PCO companies between august-november 2008.

This place is attached by the same building block on Bloor st. to our apartment (#4), which is on the 3rd floor of 275 Havelock st (corner of the building block @ Havelock and Bloor).

The bites started mid 2008, however I just assumed I was reacting to something and never paid them much attention. Once the wife started getting them we realized what they were, and began paying more attention to our bedroom, including cracks in the wall and dirt/dust. We also placed the legs of our bed in bowl

s of water (weird I know, but bed bugs can't cross water... and it worked) They're gone for now, but I believe only because they cannot gain access to us and have moved on in search of a new food source.

The Landlord of our building has displayed great incompetence in his "management" ability during our tenancy, and I do not believe this bug problem will soon go away. Renters be warned!

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bedbugs showed up in upstairs apartment (two of them to be exact: one dead and one alive) after apartment was sprayed. had a different (more extensive, and reputable) company come in and so far so good. having second treatment with new PCO next week.

Moved in June 2008. August 24th, 2008 downstairs neighbours notify us of a mild case of bedbugs in their apartment. PCO came on August 27th, 2008 and sprayed both apartments.

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