1011 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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I am looking to rent here but want to know if this place currently has bed bugs
May 2015

I there, I was wondering if the problem with the bugs has been solved? I am interested in renting an apartment here if so.

Any information helps, thank you.

I live in a high-rise renovated once hotel building. I started to notice the bed bugs after about 3 months of moving into my apartment. Unfortunately, it is not localized and there are about 50 other infested apartments all with the same problem. The chemicals that the Pest control guy used (Which the management has hired because he's the lowest bidder of $12 per unit) has not worked in most cases. This was not my first encounter with this building, the absolute first encounter was in my apartme

nt of 2 years last August, right around the time that the building started redoing the stucco on the outside of the building. My current encounter is under control, but for how long, I have no idea. I'll keep you informed. I've also got some pictures that you may use if you wish.

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