867 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6G

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no more bed bugs.
i did get spider bite before once, but no bed bugs.

We've been here for eight months now trying to fight the bed bug problem. The tenants who posted the last post even met us (JERKS!) but did not mention the problem or post that msg until the day we moved into this bed bug ridden hell hole :( The landlord has sprayed countless times, but is not very informed about bed bugs and each time refuses professional treatment, saying it is too expensive and will not work. The apartment next door has tenants of +10 years who are also uninformed about bed b

ugs, making it difficult for the problem to be solved.

We informed the landlord that we could not live like this anymore and he was very understanding. We are moving for May 1 and he will not have new tenants moving in. He says that he will be evicting the neighbouring tenants in the summer, gutting the building, and putting in bachelor apartments. .

Renovations and fumigation should take all summer as he says it is a big project. If you are looking in to this apartment and it is brand new and sometime in fall 2011 or after, safe to say that he has done a thorough job of getting rid of the problem, but if it is before that time then BEWARE. If it is a two bedroom apartment that is run down then he did not do the renovations above mentioned and is simply moving on to the next victim. DO NOT rent this apartment unless it is newly renovated and perhaps even ask that it be inspected by a PCO and attend the inspection if you are seriously considering even the renovated unit.

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Just moved out of apt 2 because of bedbugs. Apt 1 also has the problem. Landlord has sprayed but they came back.

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