580 Christie St
Toronto, ON M6G

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I don;t understand why some people find it necesary to keep slamming this building. One should no all the facts before something goes in print especially when it is mis represented.

Bed bugs are hitch hikers and may be brought into any building without notice. Sitting on the subway, bus, taxi or simply shopping is how they move. Once detected or reported action is then taken. A pro-active approach has always been maintaned based on my experience. there is over 150 units in this building and

only two reported cases which have been dealt with.

With reagrds to roaches, again there was an issue and it was dealt with and am pleased with the end result.

Moths!!!!. one cannot dictate peoples living conditions. Should a resident have moths then they need to take the appropriate action to remove them from their homes.

In future, it would be nice for people to actually state the entire truth rather than mis represent the facts.

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This response is to the "second party" who claims to be in the know of all that is happening at 580 Christie St. I too am very familiar with 580 Christie, and in fact I have more technical knowlege of what is happening and not happening at this building.

I don't know where you get your stats from but if you have proof that 2 units have had bed bugs, can you further state if the Management, Board and Pest Control Company handled them? Do you know the exact number of units in this building? Do

you know the biology, treatment protocols and preventative measures needed to ensure complete eradication of this bug? and most important are you 100% sure that you have never carried one in?
Now to the Cockroaches, and Moth. Aside from having nothing to do with this site, I question what knowledge and facts you actually have to back your broad statement. And again can you state what position the Board, Management and Pest Control Company take when notified of any possible pest problems?

In short, your post contains nothing except hearsay. You are contravening every point made in the guidelines of this Registry. It was developed as a "true" informative tool for people, but too many report with only the intent to malign someone they are having issues with or just don't like.

I will be contacting the Creator to dispute your post and will provide facts to back my statements. And I suggest that your sister contact the Board and Management if she is having issues now or in the future. Further I highly recommend that you don't post anything unless you have first hand knowledge of all the facts.

I will be contacting the site creator regarding my issue with your post and I will have facts to back my statements.

Perhaps next time you will allow your sister to discuss any issues she has with the Board and Property Manager.

see full report...

My sister moved into this building during the summer of 2010 and since then there have been 2 reported units with bedbugs in them. There is also a pretty bad roach problem here, especially on the lower floors, and a moth problem.

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