492 Montrose Ave
Toronto, ON M6G

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I live in the building, there have not been any bed bugs for at least two years. The landlord is unbelievably attentive....if there is even the slightest problem ...she is there in minutes...

I live in the building and there are no bed bugs. The landlord is excellent and maintains the building really well.

Lived there between 2008 and 2009. Noticed bites after only a few weeks of living there and saw the bugs shortly after. Landlord had apartment sprayed twice but still moved out at first opportunity.

I live at the building and there are no bed bugs. The Landlord is very helpful at all times...she practically lives at the building...she is very accomodating...

This report is old the entire building has been fumigated and there are thankfully no bed bugs in the building at this time.

I moved out after having my apartment sprayed twice which i paid half of. I discarded my bed as well as other pieces of small furniture and later found out most of the tenants had also had bedbugs even though the landlord had claimed that no one else was complaining about a problem. She wasn\'t willing to spray the entire building at one time and i therefore feel that the problem will continue to persist... i had to pay $450 to break my lease and although she was willing to help take care of t

he problem to a certain extent it was only on the basis of if you complained several times... it was very frustrating and when it comes to infestations, the whole building should be sprayed.

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