420 Crawford St
Toronto, ON M6G

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Just moved in and saw bed bugs i may have moved into your apartment (person above), did the landlord do anything for you? he said he'd get someone in to spray for us, so at least that will help but hes not doing all the rooms? which doesn't make sense.
Did the bed bugs just come back for you though? i want him to rip out the carpets cause thats where i seen one crawl out from, they can live in carpets and in walls.

my friends mom said she seen him carry out a matters maybe that was yours? i

f it was he must of saw them and just decided not to tell us

please email me
[email protected]

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Moved out on May 1st, and when I flipped my mattress over it was INFESTED and COVERED in bedbugs. Roommate reported bites a month prior, although I did not have any bites. Landlord is a giant asshole.

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