12 Vaughan Rd
Toronto, ON M6G

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I am looking to move into this building - are there still bed bugs reported?
Any info would be greatly appreciated :)

Heat treatment is expensive, but if you have thousands of dollars in furniture, it may be worth your while to look into it before throwing everything out. Heat treatment doesn't just kill bedbugs but also kills the eggs, so one treatment is usually enough. Of course if you live in a BB infested building, they can always come back, but if you move out just after a heat treatment you have better chances of not bringing them with you. Of course there is still the risk of getting BBs from the moving

van (people moving out of infested places have their furniture wrapped in the same blankets and sit in the same trucks as those that are not infested, so still a risk). I wish you the best of luck getting away from the nightmare! Remember that in Ontario, landlords are responsible for the costs of getting rid of pests, but they rarely splurge on heat treatment as chemical treatments are so much cheaper (and less effective).

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I moved in this building in December 2010. Two days after moving in, both me and my son woke up to bites all over our arms legs and stomach.

When I contacted the super he claimed that no one else had bedbugs, and inferred that I brought them with me (which is not true since I live for 5 years at my previous address with no problem)

After speaking with a few people, including one neighbour, I found out that the previous tennants in this apartment (#6)had a bedbug problem. Apparently they

had stopped paying the rent until he took care of the problem, and he blamed them for the problem, because he accused them of being dirty.

I started seeing them walking around, and after I caught a few of them, he agreed to get a company to spray.

They have since sprayed, but we are still being bitten - and I am still seeing bedbugs.

I was told in confidence (by the exterminator), that the problem is very bad, and even though he has told them (building management) what they have to do to get rid of the problem, they don't wnat to spend the required amount of money.

He told me that I should pack my clothes, and leave, and don't even bother to take any of my furniture with me. Because I will take the bugs with me whereever I go.

I have to leave here now, and I am going to loose all my furniture, it really sucks that I have to lose about $5000 in furniture.(not including what it cost me to move here)

And the worst part about it is that the super is saying that he is willing to steam my couch, and after that "he really does not knwo what to tell me"

Its so unfair that he KNEW there was a problem, he took my money and rented me an apartment he KNEW had bedbugs. And he is not saying basically "too bad for me".

Its so depressing, I really don't know what to do, I have to leave here now (only with our clothes) - and I have to start all over again, with nothing. If anyone knows if i have any legal recourse - please help me.

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the whole apartment building now has bed bugs

August 2008 one apartment had bed bugs. Now I have bed bugs, Apartment 7 - September 10th

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