531 Caledonia Rd
Toronto, ON M6E

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I lived in this building and she made me feel like I brought it. in fact when i moved in she offered me a couch that had been left behind by other tenants, my bf and i moved it in, took the couch cushions off and found TWO DEAD ROACHES. we immediatelyt hauled it back outside and downstairs. but the bed bug thing wasnt to start being a problem until about a year or so later.
i ended up leaving EVERYTHING there when i left, I caught one of the fuckers and took her ass to court
where i sued

her for abotu $3000 dollars in non payment of rent and loss of furniture and peace on mind.

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i understand that the landlord has taken care of building and treated the affected apartments.

im living in 531 caledonia rd in toronto. i have been noticing bites at first but didn't know what it was.
i took apart my futon and found their feces on the frame and in the mattress in the cracks
i thought i might have been the only one with the problem but seen furniture from somebody else moving out (oct 22, 2010) full of signs of infestation, and also saw one bed bug
this furniture has been sitting in the parking lot 20 feet from the buiding for about a week now
the landlord knows of

this problem but doesn't do anything about it
im trying to find out if they were any other complaints to the lanlord to find out if they knew of this before i moved in and didn't let me know
ive informed my landlord of the problem but she don't seem interested in doing anything about it

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