159 Glenholme Ave
Toronto, ON M6E

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Definitely has wood ants... And a giant fat rat that lives in the basement. He goes through your garbage AND reuses your plastic bags from the green bins. The backyard is home to his junk, the front porch is his "office".
There is no escaping the fat rat, he will wait outside for you, call, or email incessantly, even if you haven't signed a lease with him.



Chaitanya "Chai" Kalevar

The landlord is a bedbug.

You will not be able to live a normal life, as the landlord will interrupt everyday activities, disturb you constantly, check your mail and move it on you, go through your garbage and tell you how to sort it, constant emails with requests about how you should live in the space, and do anything disruptive to you especially if you ever disagree with him on something. He

is a really horrible human being and you really don't want to have to put up with this. Especially if you are a woman - this guy is super creepy and will get into your business, judge you based on who you have over, walk in on you unannounced. It is NOT a safe place to live, so don't do it.

In terms of bugs- there are ants and squirrels that live in the house-- and apparently, "We didn't ask the ants to live on their land, so we don't need to disturb their home in our house."


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I went to view this house recently and when I was leaving numerous neighbours went out of their way to tell me not to move into this house. They said that the tenants never last more than two or three months and that the cops are constantly at his house.

Tenants with little common sense and decency are difficult to identify when they walk in with their smiling faces but later turn up - unworthy of sharing the neighbourhood.

This landlord shouldn't be allowed to rent units no one stays for more than a few months and he is back at it ripping new people off and harassing and stalking them. I moved out more than 6 months ago and he is still harassing me he found outy new landlords name and address ( I don't even know the address) and constantly sends him creepy letters wanting to meet up. This place and the high rent and no air conditioning isn't worth your time,money or sanity.

So here is a report of bad tenants in one year:
1) Domestic fight caused one tenant to move.
2) 2 tenants were evicted for not respecting quiet hours between 10PM to 8AM. They had an unauthorised person living for about 5 months - denying it all the time.
3) Worse than eviction two tenants left without returning keys.
One of them found a main floor apartment for her dog in a nearby house and faked constant complaints over nothing or fussing and leaving house door open all the time etc. When

caught doing so, she out of the ordinary claimed beyond imagination - stocking.
Such guts and bravado!
Forcing the landlord to give her 10 days notice to move, only to find out after the move that she moved to suit her dog across the street and was orchestrating a confrontation with the landlord so as to break the lease or force him to sign an acceptance of her leaving early to suit her new lease if any. And on top of it claiming the return of last month's deposit giving ten days notice. Seems like getting away with it with the present lopsided laws in favour of the tenants.
The unauthorised person has also now joined her across the street.
So the crafty tenant is not out of sight or out of mind - disturbing peace of mind and may be more. Anything is possible!

To top it all - this bed bug registry has given these tenants to bad mouth anonymously without any one of them complaining about bed bugs. They bring their own beds and bed bugs and hopefully take them with them.

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I know that none of these tenants have been evicted, why would anyone stay long enough to be evicted? Most people leave after a few months once they are subject to you as a landlord. Not one of these comments are malicious or untrue so there is no way that you could even conceive of charging someone with libel or slander. You are by far the worst landlord I have ever encountered as a tenant, and every other person I have encountered who has lived in your building has said the exact same thing.If

you are thinking about taking an apartment in this building I also strongly advise against doing so, you will regret it. As for you posting slanderous details about your tenants, maybe you should consider not writing malicious details about people on the internet when you complain about people doing the same.

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As a landlord I am disturbed that malicious, loud, ill-mannered tenants are allowed to drag my home address in bedbug registry when not a single tenant has ever complained of bed bugs. How could they? They bring their own beds, I never have provided bed to any one. It is irresponsible of bedbug registry to allow under the guise of unanimity to write malicious comments by tenants that have been evicted for their misdeeds and at times not allowed to ignore city bylaws or refused apartments.


y comments are just not true - deserve a day in court for slander, libel etc!

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This is a PDF file and web page of how many small court claims the landlord has made in regards to a lost Liberal election - if this doesn't prove his insanity, I'm not sure what does! The courts have ruled against him in every circumstance, and he has been thrown out on many occasions. These sites are available for the publi

c online by doing a simple search of the landlords name.

You DO NOT want to live in a house with a person like this!!!

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I went to look at this place and told him it was too small for me and my boyfriend. He told me that I could bring less furniture and it was big enough if I had less stuff! He kept talking about his tenants and then called me numerous times to ask if I was still interested even after I told him I wasn't while I was there.

Wow this guys sounds like a winner!

Wow this guys sounds like a winner!

I caution anyone who is considering moving into this place to think twice - illegal activity combined with an ill-balanced landlord (who lives on-site) does not make for a pleasant living experience!!

Listen to these posts before you even consider!!

11th May and 10th of april reports seem to be written by the same tenant from what it seems like. My comments about her will take too much time to be useful here. It is all innuendo. In short farm house residents do not adjust easily to Toronto's city bylaws!

On reading the the two coordinated reports of 16/11, I can bet that both those reports are written by 2 tenants with police involvement.

The 3rd one moved out without returning the keys of the house and the apt. She invited police t

o help her unreasonable demands, but got no sympathy.
The 4th one had domestic fight and also noise from another tenant in the building so chose to move out! Has a very childish partner who thinks that he can park without permission on the property and did.

Good riddance from my point of view! I wonder if they will have the courage to write all those inneundos without the protection provided by the anonymity by the bedbug sites!

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I am the landlord at Glenholme, no one has ever complained of bed bugs while living here. This is malicious comment by some irresponsible tenants who did not know how to separate recycling from garbage or close the house door when they go out even when the heat is on!

Some of these tenants I can guess at who they are and they had caused police to come to the house to help them, but the law or peace officer was no help to their ranting and raving.

Yes, when the porch was being painted, I w

as trying to coordinate tenants comings and goings to ensure a long drying time with least traffic expected, which as you can imagine is usually in the night and hence the queries to coordinate.

Illegal entry claimed is for repairs requested the day before - which is implicit consent.

The threatening emails deserve a police investigation not bedbug registry entry under anonymity. Police did not see it that way. Loose lips sink ships and the tenant is still before LTB without any of these bold untrue claims. The lady is closer to fiction than fact.

I tend to end my lease end of April or August. As most of my tenants are academically inclined -students, professors etc, if they finish their studies or wish to move these are the preferred months to move for anyone! It is just the way our society is structured.

I ask of the bed bug registry to reveal the emails of these anonymous complainers with irresponsible civic habits, acting contrary to lease and the By-laws of the city and compromising the security of the house by not closing doors and in winter also adding to energy costs and global warming.

Some of them leave their stuff behind as if the house is a storage space for their tardy habits.

Anonymity can be used to make irresponsible, malicious comments and lies. It is irresponsible of "THE BEDBUG REGISTRY" to allow Anonymous input.

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I understand. I lived there a while back and didn't even stay two months. I have never experienced anything so terrible in my whole life. I had to pay for the movers to move out, I wasted tons of money in that place. That landlord should be institutionalized. Even judges have declared him disgruntaled it should be against the law for him to rent.

I also have lived at this address. Here is my experience by the numbers:
35 emails about garbage and recycling.
2 emails about having gone through my garbage and then commenting on what I ate.
5 calls asking where I was planning on spending the night.
2 weeks without hot water.
2 times he was waiting outside and followed me down the street to work screaming at me and calling me names.
1 illegal entry (that I know of)
42 threatening emails.
8 threats to kick me out.
5 threats to make me


It should be illegal for him to be a landlord.

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Also lived at this house. I know exactly what you are talking about. Landlord is crazy. Left more than a year ago. No bedbugs that I know of there at that time--but I also know the entire house (three apartments) turned over at the same time--all driven away by the landlord's constant harrassment. Wish I could have warned you.

The landlord of this entire house, is crazier than bedbugs will ever drive you. He will harass you about recycling, garbage, and generally be in your business 24/7. I suggest to anyone considering renting a unit in this house to think again because you will regret moving here if you do

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