3010 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M6C1C6

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My parents live at 3010 Dufferin St they are seniors in there 80s who are blind. They have had a bed bug problem since April 9 2015. My mom was bitten all over and got very ill, the building has sprayed 7 times in there unit and threw out their furniture. They only gave them a hotel one night in all these months, they refuse to replace anything and there apartment has been uninhabitable for months and they refuse to compensate them. They are spraying again and put their clothes in a vacant

apartment with no furniture. I picked them up many times, I live out of town but they need to be close to their doctors in Toronto. This is run by Villa Charities Casa Del Zotta. I have phoned Greg Natalli manager at the building many times on behalf of my parent and he told me it is not their responsibly. This is taking advantage of seniors.

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