Vaughan Rd
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I recently have read comments in regards to
98 Vaughan Road and feel the need to reply to comments that the building is disgusting - I can say that this is not true. The building has and still is going through positive changes and the bed bug and coach roach problem is not any worse than all other buildings in the city. The difference is that management is doing a lot of work with the building maintenance and keeping the pest issue at bay. It has undergone great improvement and has been a p

leasant place to be in. Personally I have no evidence of any coach roach or bed bugs in my apartment.

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98 Vaughan road is the worst place to live in. Only lived there for two months, and had to leave. There are cockroaches crawling from ever hole, and no amount of spraying, or raid does anything about the problem. You complain and they take days to respond or to do anything about the issue. The first week of being there I was itchy and had red welts on my body, to find out from other tenants the building has bed bugs. I was so disgusted as I never had that issues before. The building is dirty and

needs to be gutted. There is black mold as well and again nothing is done about it. As nice as they might try to act, nothing gets done. I have been without an oven for a month even though I have made many phone calls and many tries to get them to fix it. There is garbage in the hall ways and it takes weeks before its cleaned. You pay for the area not the living. It feels like living in a third world country, and I have lived in a third world country and the conditions were better than this. Its sad to see that they cant take advantage of people and their hard earn money and not provide any services that tenants deserve and have a right to. The building should be condemned and demolished

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800 Vaughan Road.

November 13, 2012

We encountered bed bugs in this senior's assisted living apartment. Inspection and treatment was done in the unit the next week. In my experience I would have liked the housing management to have been more organized and thorough in treatment and post treatment as well better communication, support and follow up to those frail and vulnerable seniors living in the building. We hope the bed bugs do not return.

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