923 St Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON M6C

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I just filled out an application for this apartment.
The woman had me meet her at 921 St.clair and look at a jr. one bed and then took me a few doors down to look at a very small back.
They insist you give first and last months rent to hold and I stupidly did.
1500 bucks. I was afraid I would lose the unit.
the manager Jan kept telling me that if someone else left money down then it would be gone.
Now I am reading all this crap about bugs.
I read 2 reviews online from people that said they

had a really hard time getting the money back when they cancelled the application.
That it took over 2 mths.
I am so screwed

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Just found out we have bed bugs in several apartments :(

The superintendent is now refusing to do any cleaning. No vacuuming the rugs, no sweeping or mopping the stair case.

I have found numerous dead cock roaches in the stair case.

I presume it will be a matter of time before things get worse now.

We are owned by a holding company which usually means that the buildings are being used as a front. Therefore you won't have your usual maintenance.

last year in 2011 the landlord registered the issue at the building with the city of toronto and began systematic spraying and communicated to all their commitment to eradicating the issue. Zero issues since in my place or any other floor...!!!!!!!!

I lived on the 3rd floor of this building and began receiving bites at the end of October of 2011. The landlord's agent downplayed the situation and asked me not to speak to the other tenants about it. Bed bugs were confirmed near the end of November, I didn't have a bad infestation. I was able to move. In the end the entire ordeal cost me close to 7000 dollars in moving costs, a new apartment, list wages and cleaning. Terrible experience.

The bedbug problem has moved to the fourth floor because of the spraying going on in the apartments on the lower floors. Good luck to everyone involved.

Just checking this address out of curiosity (the earlier posts here are mine) to see if anyone else was having problems. My sympathies to disgruntled. Spraying will never work in that building ... the bugs just move out to another apartment ... and then return to yours.

Bedbugs discovered on the 2nd floor on Sept 26th 2011. Two found in bedroom and three in living room so far. Suffered numerous bites and allergic reactions. Spraying scheduled for Oct 11th 2011.

Since the 3rd spraying on August 9 I've been bitten, most recently today (August 30), so it's obvious the sprays have not eradicated the bugs. I haven't heard of any other apartments being affected other than one on the 3rd floor, but this is not to say others have not been. Moving in 2 days to a new place, and certainly hope we don't transport any bugs with us! Have also had a bad allergic reaction to the bites. Even though the landlord is responsible for the costs of spraying, the costs to

us have been horrendous - new mattress/bed, drycleaning/laundry, steam cleaning living room furniture, medical costs (the cream to treat allergic reaction was $155), moving costs - easily adding up to $2000! I wish anyone who lives in this building lots of luck.

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A 3rd spraying on August 9 - no evidence since then (am writing this on August 12), but the bugs have migrated to at least one other apartment on the 3rd floor since about a month ago. My apartment has been rented for September 1, apparently, and I doubt very much whether the new tenant was informed of the problem.

An update (today is July 21)- the apartment received its 2nd spraying on July 18 (Monday). Since then we've continued to find live bedbugs in every room except the kitchen and have been bitten several times. Obviously the spray was not effective. Planning to move asap.

Discovery of bedbugs approximately 10 days ago (June 23 1011) in a 2nd floor one-bedroom apartment in an older 4-story multi-unit building. The 'clue' was waking up with lots of itchy skin and the subsequent discovery of physical evidence. Landlord (through their onsite agent) was alerted that same day (June 23)but no immediate action was taken since the office would not be open until June 28. On June 28 I was informed that the apartment would be sprayed on June 30 - however, because of work co

mmitments it was impossible for me to prepare the unit adequately. Therefore, the spraying was rescheduled to Monday 4 July, with a second treatment a couple of weeks after that. I will anxiously and stressfully await the results of the 2 spray treatments, but in the meantime will be searching for a new apartment.

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