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You claim that "Posts are solely the responsibility of their respective authors."
Yes indeed, but I think you become responsible for them, when you grant the author anonymity. Now they can comment liberally and misrepresent, lie and spoil someone's reputation all by implication alone.
What of reports that have nothing to do with bed bugs? Why are they included?
Your policies do not make sense, banking on ridiculous!

Just to let you know that there is a serious bedbug problem at 125 Vaughan Rd. (Another Property owned by Camwood Properties Ltd).

They have done NOTHING to help us.

I have recently called a city health inspector in our area, and he tells me that the building has to be taken care of by licensed professionals, and that all units have to be taken care of.

The city health inspector that I have contacted has called Camwood Properties Ltd,and the people in the office told him that their poli

cy was to contact a a licensed professional. BULL! This problem happened last year and they did nothing of the sort.

My problem started happening in June, and they did nothing to help us.

In case nothing is being done to help you with the repairs in your building lately, you might want to know that I found out for a fact that Robert had been locked in his appartement throughout the month of August.

Robert (the superintendant in charge of both our buildings).

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