6 Pinewood Ave
Toronto, ON M6C

Found 4 reports:

The previous 'reports' are malicious lies posted by 1 person. These apartments are CLEAN and well kept. It's amazing how someone can post blatant lies and remain anonymous. What I find more disturbing is that this misinformation can be posted by the site host without any evidence.

At least 3 units in this 12 unit apartment have been affected.

The landlord is not pro-active in getting rid of the bedbugs. He has sprayed one apartment, which resulted in the bedbugs moving into another apartment. All units really need to be treated at the same time to have any effect.

The building is old with separated baseboards from hard wood floors, giving bedbugs free reign of the building. Soon every unit will be infested.


Tenants moving out in droves as the bedbugs move in...
Owner does not care about bedbugs. Does care about his rent checks however.
You have been warned!

Bedbugs happened. Brought in by other tenants. Landlord didn't care. Wont spray. Be warned.

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