585 St Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON M6C

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There are bedbugs at this store. I went shopping and had filled up my reusable cloth bag and took a plastic one.
While I was fumbling for my keys by the porch light I saw something moving along the plastic bag.
Low and behold the bag had 3 bedbugs in it.
i complained to the manager and was told that they did not come from the store.
Doubtful as it was the only place I went that day.

Monday October 1, 2010

585 St.Clair Avenue West

Goodwill Thrift Store. I've bought things from this location frequently over the past 5 years with no issues until today.

While looking through a rack of coats, a live, adult(engorged from a recent feeding)undeniable bedbug was crawling down the front of a white wool coat.

There was no mistaking the telltale flat, slightly triangular brownish red body of an adult bedbug.

I have little faith that the staff at this location could pro

perly handle a potential bedbug outbreak (as nice as they all are) and I will be contacting the head office first thing tomorrow.

My 20 year love affair with thrift stores is officially over. I will never shop second hand again.

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