50 Raglan Ave
Toronto, ON M6C

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I don't live in this building but I always see discarded mattresses and furnitures in front of this building for garbage pick up!
It is a concern for me because I walk my dog around the neighbourhood (I live in 40 Raglan) and I always fear that she'd catch the dreadful bed bugs and bring them home with her. I walk on the other side of the road at all times.

Don't move here! I see different furnitures and mattresses at least once a month.

I lived here from October 2010 to May 2012. Didn't have much of a problem until I started waking up with weird itchy bites around March 2012. Thought it was allergies or something, shrugged it off. But I kept waking up with bites all over parts of my skin that were exposed during the night.

I investigated and found little dead bodies of bugs. Brought them in a plastic baggy to my landlord who said they didn't look like bed bugs. An exterminator was hired to spray my apt down. He looked at the

little bodies and said they were spider beetles, which were harmless and did not bite humans.

Well. I kept waking up with tiny bites that looked exactly like bed bug bites, even though the exterminator sprayed my place and said I had spider beetles. So something was biting me while I slept.

I eventually threw out all my furniture and moved the hell out in May. Have no idea if the problem has been taken care of since. Lord help you if you moved into my apt (#11).

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I lived in this building for two years from 2007 'til Sept 2009. I got bed bugs in 2008 and battled them for over a year and were the reason why I ultimately moved out. I knew they were in the building previously because the super told me that another apartment had them before me. The building is super old with lots of cracks and places for the suckers to hide. I lost most of my furniture and went through 8 rounds of chemical treatment to no avail. It was hell! The super is really nice and was v

ery helpful but that place is a lost cause.

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definitely NO BED BUGS HERE. its a great spot

I realized I had an infestation in June of 2008. I have done everything to control the problem: bed bug powder (along the walls, under the bed, under book cases, I vacum everday (anyway), spray my bed and mattress daily with rubbing alcohol.
I have not yet contacted the building management, but will be doing so this weekend.

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