39 Raglan Ave
Toronto, ON M6C

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Hello, I have just recently signed a lease for a unit with this building, after seeing these reports I must say I am extremely concerned.

I have already had bed bugs once as a tenant and cannot deal with the mental stress that it causes.

I have visited the building and it looks quite nice, I am wondering if there may be any recent reports of bed bugs? It looks like the entire area is having an issue with them.

Any help would be appreciated as I am going to be living there.

Thanks a

nd good luck

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This happened in March of 2010.

My wife woke up with bug bites across her back. We put all clothes, bed sheets, towels, etc. and put them through the dryer. We put everything in garbage bags and the landlord arranged an exterminator to spray. We haven't had a repeat. Yet..

When we were looking to rent in the area, we were warned about the infestation and encouraged to look elsewhere. We should have listened.

Not only having bed bag problems, but also they violate residential laws. They often visit a unit without giving 24 hours notice. Many tenants are leaving because the landlord lady has been very unfair to them.

apartment was infected with bedbugs. thats why we moved out

We have little bugs sometimes. But we're not sure if they're bedbugs. They are certainly not ants. They come along every once in a while in the bedroom and kitchen and shoe closet.

Yes the other people who have reported this are telling the truth, why would someone lie about being bitten? I support these people and if your not reporting why would you be looking on here? Landlord? Supper? hmmmmm
This building is infested.

I’m not sure where the other two tenants are getting their information from, but having lived in the building for many years, I have never encountered any bedbugs. This building is extremely clean well maintained.

This building is infested, do not stay here.
I also have had my unit sprayed several times and am now leaving as I have found more bites on my body again. How ever my unit was free of these pests for about tow months and now it's back. They will not spray other units only the one that has complained so obviously this does not fix the problem at all.

I've heard from other tenants too in this building that they have had this problem.
Can you tell me which unit you were in? This way I can avoid it in the future. I know they can travel form one apartment to another but it's probably best to avoid the units where they are known to be (or have been).

I have lived at 39 Raglan for just over a year now, about 9 months after I moved in I noticed a rash all over my body. I assumed it was hives or stress or a possible new allergie. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE! after having my place sprayed 6 times now I have to move. The super said the first time I had reported this that it had never happend before. After several times speaking with the super I realised I had been falsly told there was no problem befroe me and that SEVERAL appartments had this infestat


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I lived at 39 Raglan Avenue in 2007 and had to leave the building due to bed bugs in my apartment, the one above and below me as well. Even after spraying by professionals they returned.

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