229 Vaughan Rd
Toronto, ON M6C

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There's a lot of bullshit comments below - this building is clean and awesome - that might be a new development, who knows. Either way, don't be put off by this page; it's all crap.

I lived in this building recently and moved out after only 5 months due to countless problems. I could write a novel, but I'll narrow it down to the following:
- The landlords should disclose to every person BEFORE THEY MOVE IN about the bed bug/roach problem. Not disclosing such information can, and will lead to legal action.
- When I went on vacation in May 2012 for a week, I returned to my apartment to see that all the carpets had been rolled up, soaking wet, and in my bathtub. There were m

uddy foot prints all over the floor, and the intruders had placed my clean linens all over the floor. When I called Dragana (the landlord) demanding an explanation, she told me to shrug it off and that it had probably been the people checking the radiators. That was as much help as she provided.
- The prices of the apartments have gone up. I was paying $1150.00, and now the apartments are $1200/month. Check out the following link on Craigslist for an apartment ad: the pictures of the bedroom and bathroom were from MY apartment (the landlords did NOT ask us for permission to do this) and the photos of the living area and kitchen are from a completely different unit. So sketchy. Do not spare yourself the stress of moving in here- there are plenty of other good apartments in Toronto.

The sketchy ad listing: http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/apa/3341574406.html

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Hi! I was going to move into this building and accidentally came across this site and saw these reports! Can anyone tell me if you are still having problems with bed bugs! I'm worrying about living here now! Thanks!

This is a very charming and quiet apt. It is always kept very clean. The people are young professionals and the atmosphere is very friendly. I have never had issues with bugs. Newly renovated and modern and great access to everything. I couldn't be happier :)

The owner of this building once stood for election to public office as a School Trustee. In keeping with the higher calling to public service that obviously lies dormant in his heart ... I think he should step up to the plate and CHANGE THE CULTURE of renting in Toronto? How? All units should be equipped with a vacuum cleaner on which a Bedbug prevention tip sheet is printed. Further, he should provide each tenant undergoing bedbug extermination with a prepaid laundry card worth $100.00. Again b

edbug prevention tips should be printed on the card such as "Store off season clothes in sealed bags" and "Use a hot dryer for 45 minutes". Next up, he should put a bedbug prevention poster in the Laundry Room that shows what the insect looks like and restated all the prevention tips.

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Though the landlord has gutted and renovated most of the apartments in this charming 75 year old building and all the tenants here are REALLY NICE and so are the workman (Hi Bobby and Phil) and Leah who just moved in as part-time Super and the incomparable Alex who maintains the grounds and works harder than anyone you know.. it's impossible to enjoy your apartment here to the fullest lately because of the bedbug problem. This is a sad tale and very unfortunate. It's no use blaming anyone, eithe

r. A problem two years in the making is not going to be easily solved and though I'm hopeful the owners will finally adopt IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to guide their future actions, nothing can compensate for the disruption and expense of insecticide treatments spaced every few months apart. Time off work, hundreds of dollars spent doing laundry, new mattresses...

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The situation is so bad that I, and I am sure everyone else in the building, received a little note saying they will be bringing in a K-9 unit to search every unit in the building!! Which proves that those little bugs are still roaming around in the building.

I have been living in the building for over a year,and since the owner had addressed the bed bug issue,they have not returned,and have not noticed any bugs whatsoever.or heard any complaints..the building is always kept spotless and the owner seems very friendly and responds quickly to any issues,,eg,my door wasnt closing properly,,,was taken care of in 48 hours,,,

Noticed some apartments here are up for rent.So-many-bugs. And they're increasing rent prices too.

Roaches, bed bugs, carpet beetles and probably fleas. The problem is so presistant in the building that even if you get a spray, it's back in full swing two or three weeks later. and yes, the landlord WILL blame you.

I told the super (before he lit his apt on fire. Obviously he was fired, but that he was here so long shows a serious lack of judgement from the building owner) that I thought t

here might be fleas in teh building and he said "Nope. No fleas in this building". Clearly the standards here are high........

They put some lights on the building and waxed the floors in the hallways. That's what they mean by "renovated" in the ads for this place.

We've given up asking for sprays since they do such a crappy job and only spray one unit. I wash my floors and baseboards with bleach everyday. I wash bedding three times a week and have to run a lint roller over the entire bed several times a night. This is no way to live. We are covered in bites and miserable. Just waiting for the day we can give notice....and then have to spend several hundred dollars replacing furniture and several extra hours scouring and laundrying every-single-item before packing it in air tight containers, which cost A LOT more than cardboard boxes.


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DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! Save yourself from the headache and the most horrid living experience of your life.

The landlords are absolutely shady and only care about getting their monthly rent cheques. I moved in here Sept of 2011 with completely brand new furniture. After a couple of months I noticed awful red marks on my body but never occurred to me that it was bedbugs. Lets say the night my boyfriend and I discovered we had bed bugs was not pretty. We got a spraying and then also a second on

e two weeks later. Unfortunately, last week I found them on one of my walls AGAIN! Our unit had to get a THIRD spray, however, no one else in the building got sprayed. I also found out they have roach problems in some of the units.

They clearly have not got the issue rectified or under control. Living here has made my life a miserable. Its so bad that my boyfriend and I are breaking our lease early so we can get the hell out of here!

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Just so people are aware, the land lord has recently discovered the building is red flagged for bed bugs here on the site and people have been venting their experiences, warning others to stay clear.

to combat this they've been commenting saying how good the building is and how there aren't any issues.

believe me. there are issues.

the people watching over the building are lazy as ever, they won't fix anything, they lie to tenants, they blame tenants, etc.. etc..

this place is a C


do yourself a favor and live somewhere else.

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This is truly one of the best buildings in the Bathurst and St. Clair area. All the units have been renovated and the building is kept top class.

We moved in last summer.Shortly after moving here, they did a "preventative spray" in the apartment because our neighbour had them. Didn't have any problems with bed bugs until just before christmas/new years.

I started being covered in bites. It took a week for my boyfriend to believe me,and start noticing bites on himself. We contacted the landlady and it took a WEEK for her to get someone in here to spray for bed bugs.I've never actually SEEN a bug, but I feel little pinches on me all the

time and there are sometimes mysetrious black specks on my sheets. In the past month I have easily burned through $150 in laundry money trying to get this under control. I can't even believe what a bug filled hole this is! I haven't had a decent sleep in weeks,I feel dirty just sitting on my furniture.

They use the same company to spray all the time and while they certainly do a great job of moving stuff around,I'm not sure they actually do much spraying.

I also had a roach problem in December. I complained. A lot and just under a week later someone came to spray. One month later I found a roach in the sink, I wrote the landlord and she never responded. She dosen't care about the tennants just so long as the rent keeps coming in.


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The Landlord is always blaming someone else and doesn't do anything to fix the issues ... avoid the building.

I was put in a terrible situation right after moving in. My girlfriend found bites all over her body, we searched high and low for signs of the bugs but found nothing at first. Then finally I found one of them, just walking by me. Then later, another, and another, and another, another, another. A woman moved in around the same time as us, she found them too. We noticed a number of mattresses put outside the building, some said "warning bed bugs" all over them.

The landlord was VERY disrespec

tful. He blamed us, the previous tenant, someone who used to live in the building, the woman down the hall. Anyone he could. He did pay to get the treatment done, but it became obvious he knew there was a problem before renting it to us. Neighbours told us horror stories about the man. I was very concerned that this was going to completely derail my life. I lost sleep (sleeping on the kitchen counter), I had to take time off work which cost me a lot of money. In the end I eventually got in touch with the actual building OWNER. He allowed me to break my lease and seemed upset with his buildings management, even apologizing on their behalf.

In the end. It all cost me a small fortune replacing my bed, clothes, linnens, paying for a second move and so many other things.

Do yourself a favor. Don't move in here. Avoid it at all costs. Even if the building isn't having a problem right now, if it ever comes into another problem you can rest assured it will be AWFUL. For example, during all this we also found cockroaches (something we were promised the building did not have). No matter who I spoke with, they told me "oh, you're the only one who has it. we can't do anything until we hear more people have it". Waiting until a small problem is a big problem is a terrible way to manage a building. Turns out every floor had bed bugs, every floor had cockroaches.

I moved out around the same time as several other people. I've never looked back. I hated my time there, I hated the building management.

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I've lived here for over a year....no bed bugs.....no problem....cute building.....

Irresponsible owner. Bed bugs. Stay away!

This property is owned or managed by the same guy who is a broker at Prudential Grange Hall Realty. Good luck - he's been very rude to me. I wouldn't deal with him again - not for all the money in the world. Don't expect him to help you.

The owner has not been cooperative with me either. Although I do not have any bedbugs, I am a little scared I might get them.

When the owner was contacted he brushed it off like the tenants who are complaining about bedbugs were only trying to get out of paying rent. I wasn't impressed by his reaction on this matter.

The couch (on which it was written bedbugs) has been outside for the past month. I have continuously asked that it be removed. Nothing has been done.

We also live here. We actually just found out that our landlord has been lying to potential new tenants. They seem to think that the problem is a figment of our imaginations, despite the fact that several tenants have caught bugs in jars (including ourselves).

So supposedly they sprayed the entire building and spent thousands of dollars to 'put our minds at ease'.

We also know that they did not spray the entire building on that day. So, the treatment could have all been a waste of money

and efforts.

Be very cautious when signing a lease at this building as the landlords are just out for your money. After knowing about our bedbug situation we had not received a follow up phone call from the landlords,which shows a complete lack of regard for their building and client's well being.

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Moved into the apartment and two days after being there found bites. Didn't know if they came from the move or the building had them. Then found out that another tenant who moved in around the same time had them right away as well. Most likely in the building before hand.

The landlord DID NOT say before moving in that there was a problem with bedbugs. Nor did they tell about the cockroach problem that they were getting treated days after moving in.

The landlord payed for the treatment bu

t threatened that he would kick tenants out if rent was not paid and that he could make way more money off of the building. He (Joe Moriello) did not call back to check to see if they were gone or not. He was extremely disrespectful in the way he handled the situation.

Recently noticed bites again and found a couch outside saying 'bed bugs' on it. They treated the whole building this week. They are supposed to come back in two weeks for a follow up treatment but haven't heard word of it yet.

I would recommend NOT moving into this building for a few more months (to a year) until the problem has been solved. Its not worth the stress.

Summer 2010

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