187 Vaughan Rd
Toronto, ON M6C

Found 5 reports:

I just moved in to 187 Vaughan road a month ago, and so far there have been no problems at all. I have seen a couple of millipedes, but otherwise the place is clean.

The basement tenant at 187 Vaughan road is a very sweet lovely woman.
She is clean and respected on this street.
Yes she has cats and yes sometimes we can smell the litter box if her door is open but that is no reason to trash the poor girl.
This sounds like a hate rant placed by a tenant named Vicky Allison who lives at 189 Vaughan road unit 4.
A nosy trouble maker who causes all kinds of problems.
Do not believe her rants.

I know the tenant in the basement is unclean. When she leaves her door open the stench of cat urine is brutal.
It can be smelled all the way up to the walk way and beyond. A very strong oder and lots of garbage and boxes littering her stairs.

I picked up a shelf that had been put on the lawn for garbage and brought it into my bedroom.
With-in a week I had bites all over my arms and had to have my apt sprayed for bugs.
Now I know where the bugs came from.
I live 2 doors away at 195 vaughan road.

Just recently moved in the top floor. Found several bed bugs few days later. seemed they were hatching overnight. several. not sure if the landlord is aware or willing to do anything about it. also several cockroaches and millipedes.

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