1576 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M6C

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can anyone report if there were any recent cases of bed bugs in this building?

We discovered bedbugs in our 3rd floor apartment in late July of 2010. Spent almost a month camped out in the living room. For quite some time afterward there were discarded mattresses and other furniture with "infected, do not take" signs posted on them in the trash outside the building so we can only assume that other units became infected as well. The landlord was incredibly difficult to deal with.

Found bed bugs in bed one month after moving in. At least didn't have trouble getting the landlord to spray. That helped for a bit.

But the problem is they're not spraying the whole building, they say the can't unless the tenants allow them too. Frankly I don't understand what kind of people would say no to spraying and just live with these bugs.

The hallways are infested, the bugs keep coming through the front door and there's nothing you can do about it. And you definitely can't break th

e lease because they are spraying. Will have to wait it out.

Stay away from this building!!

see full report...

Luckily the bed bugs are in my living room and not in the bedroom...but a few months ago, i had bites all over my arms one night i fell asleep on the couch. I'm on the 4th floor of the building.

found bedbugs in bed april 2007

Apt. 27
Bedbugs have overrun my bed and I had to trash the whole thing. Barricaded myself in the front room and hoping for the best. Bites are bad on the face. Looking to get out ASAP, landlord seems relaxed about the whole situation. But it is certainly not relaxing!

Apartment 40 & 42
Severe bites, Landlord is being very difficult in the matter, 4 weeks on the floor and no end in sight.

They say they sprayed, one unit before when it was infested, and they didnt tell anybody about it or spray any other units.

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