120 Raglan Ave
Toronto, ON M6C

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Not sure about bed bugs but the building definitely has cockroaches, could be the plastic the other residents are seeing.

Found this post and am currently living at 120 raglan. Does anyone know the requirements of the property management company for notifying neighbours if an appt on the floor has a problem? Noticed plastic down in hallway for a couple months and am curious if it is due to treating bed bugs...

Thanks for any help.

I find dead bed bugs in the washing machines and clothes dryer lint traps from time to time. Clearly still an ongoing issue here.

December 2012. Bed bugs are clearly an ongoing problem still in this building suites are only treated if a tenant finds bugs and puts in a complaint there fore the bugs just move around from unit to unit. I have a strong feeling that there are way more infestations then what is being talked about on this website as many people are unaware of this registry. Bed bugs are a huge hassle and is a big stress with all the work that needs to be done prior to the spraying not to mention 2 sprays need t

o be done 2 weeks apart. I am furious and fed up with the bs of this building!!!! Bed bugs suck you do not want to go through it

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I'm relocating to Toronto and am trying to find a place to live, and this was one of the places i was looking at....until I read these postings.

To those of you who have had to get rid of a lot of your possessions, you do have some recourse to claim these losses against the landlords involved. You do have the option of going the legal route (i.e. small claims court etc.)to recoup your costs, as at this time the landlord tenant act is favouring the tenant on this matter.

It might be wort

h it to check into, especially if the landlord is negligent.

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April 10, 2012

i have been living in this building for over a year nothing but problems from the plumbing to the interior. Now i found bedbugs as of yesterday and i am not impressed. they are taking days to come in to spray and will be doing it again in 2 weeks. i am being held responsible for all my bedding and clothing laundry fees which is overwhelming! i don't recommended this place to anyone. yes they have done reservations and the exterior looks great but management is very unprofession


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I had bed bugs in my apartment---last seen mid-June 2011. I know that a number of persons had their suites treated. I have not been affected since June 2011. I caulked etc and am thankful they are gone!

I went to see this building yesterday. I am impressed with the units they are stunning. However I am concerned with the reports. Does anyone know if anyone else has had them recently?

I am moving into a suite shortly. Is this building still invested?? I've just come across this site accidentally, and now I'm panicking about living here. Please advise.

Bed Bugs found in my unit approximately one month ago and persist to this day. Management hired a PCO upon request which did two treatments two weeks apart. I am aware of at least three other cases which were treated at the same time as my own, but even if the treatments proved to be effective, it is likely that it is only a matter of time before the bugs return.

This building has bed bugs. several confirmed reports on many floors. extermination is provided by management but only to those that report. this is a larger sized apartment building and only doing reported units will just push them to other areas. no info has been given to tenants. I was completely unaware of an infestation just down the hall from my unit. a notice of the problem and some education on prevention would have been a valued gesture. I'm very doubtful management will get control of

this problem.

If your a potential tenant to this address and reading my post I offer this advise- RUN. "newly renovated suites" may sound appealing but don't let the new finishes fool you. this place is an infested dump.

Thank god I'm no longer locked into a lease here. moving is no longer a thought but a must. I feel so bad for these people moving into "newly renovated suites", getting contracted into a year long lease, just to realize what is about to come.

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We moved in May 1st 2011 into a renovated unit. Within a week we were being bitten, though i have a more severe reaction than my companion does.

Management did the two sprayings, and it still hasn't cleared them up. I'm just about to go find a couch cover because I'm tired from not having use of our couch. We are exhausted from cleaning, living out of plastic bags, and the discovery of new bites.

I have a number of wood antiques, and so we purchased a steamer to blast under and behind th

e wood. There really is no way for us to be able to tell if they're bug free or not. We also bought caulking to seal along the baseboards, then steam the entire apartment. Hopefully this, along with the couch cover, wil finally stop them. I agree with other posts; it's an exhausting experience.

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July 15, 2011-Definitely still have bugs in the building. Treatment is available if desired by tenants and it will be paid for completely. However, there are definitely still bugs in the building.

Have been bitten since febuary 2011 aproximitly, building manager wont do anything even with photos submitted- suspect mites and definatly bedbugs

May 10th 2011, A few apartments in the building have bed bugs. That is as much as I know

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