114 Vaughan Rd
Toronto, ON M6C

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I've lived in this building since 2011. To comment on the person above:

Regarding bed bugs- there was 1 unit that had bed bugs and in order to avoid it spreading, the building paid to have a dog go into every unit to check for more. There wasn't any (thankfully) but I'm grateful that they took the 1 report seriously to avoid a full out infestation.

Regarding the noise- It's an old building, so people are bound to hear things through the walls, ceiling, and floors. Luckily I live on the to

p corner, so have avoided a lot of these noise issues, but have had numerous request to keep the noise down from the lady downstairs (who has been super nice about it). We're not loud people but she seems to hear our subwoofer (which is turned to the lowest setting) through the floor. We've managed to put it on a pillow or bubble wrap to muffle the sound and that seems to have worked, as I have received no complaints since.

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I decided to make a post about this building because I've lived here for about 8 months and it has been a terrible experience all around.
There had never been a complaint made about this building prior to moving in here, so we thought it would be fine, but it's truly been trouble since day 1.
First of all, my roommate and I are generally very quiet tenants. We don't have a television or speakers of any kind, and there are rarely more than 2 or 3 people in the unit at once. Still, somehow

we have managed to warrant countless noise complaints that were unfounded and unreasonable from both the other tenants and the building management. What they don't tell you when you sign the lease is that the property manager is going to charge you for every tiny violation you commit, including revving your engine too loudly in the parking lot, or walking in the halls after midnight. x_X An old lady who lives across the hall from me was charged $200 because there was a drop of paint in the hallway from when she was painting her apartment. Goodness.
Then last week they put up a notice saying that someone in the building has bedbugs and they're doing some sort of investigation now to fix the problem...but either way, I'm out of here at the end of the month.
Don't move here!!

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