113 Vaughan Rd
Toronto, ON M6C

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After previously complaining about fleas in the summer with no response by the landlord, I found a couple of bedbugs in my apartment in October, and informed the landlord as I was already aware of other tenants having problems. I decided to move out, but was told that it was my own problem to deal with the bugs, as he has done his due diligence previously with his attempts with the other tenants.

It is fair to assume that all apartments are infested with bugs at varying levels as they are c

rawling throughout the building.

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There is also an ongoing flea problem. I first noticed a small bug on my cat (who is all white and does not go outside the apartment at all) in February 2010. But because I wasnt quite sure what it was or how she got it, I thought maybe a fruit fly or small bug just landed on her at the moment i looked at her.

It wasnt until June of 2010 I realized it was fleas, which were quite noticable. It was quite bad, and she isnt allowed out of the apartment, not even in the hallway so they had to

have come in to get to her. I treated her for fleas and sprayed down my apartment.

One month later the fleas were back. At this point I insisted that the landlord spray my apartment and the hallways (which are carpeted), and ask the landloard to have all tenants not only check their pets but treat them. My cat is now on vet prescribed flea preventatives to ensure she doesnt get them (and she doesnt). However I have since seen a flea jump in my apartment (August).

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I moved out of this building because of bedbugs and the way it was handled by the landlord in May 2010. I spent a week preparing my apartment for a preventative fumigation for a situation that had gotten out of hand on the second floor (or so I was told).
Later I found out that the landlord had already sprayed the building three times for bedbugs for over a year. The story I heard was that a woman on the second floor had bedbugs, which the landlord refused to spray for quite some months. It

was only after the woman started complaining to her neighbors to put pressure on the landlord did he take action.
At any rate, preventative was enough for me. I moved out before anything happened. I did have a few bites, but they weren't conclusive. An inspector came and declared my apartment clean, but also made sure to tell me that anything could be living under the rotting floor boards in my bedroom by the radiator.

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Bed Bugs were brought into the building in the summer of 2009, the Landlord avoided having an exterminator come in until the infestation was so bad that the bugs were visible during the day and the tenants couldn't live there. After the rest of the building complained pest control was brought in. They've since come several times at random points, not 3 weeks after the inital spraying as recommended, so the bugs are gone for a bit, but then quickly return. Two other apartments above have compl

ained about bed bug bites, it seems like they are spreading through the walls. I would avoid moving into this apartment building as it's quite possible you could end up with bed bugs as the tenants on the third floor are now moving out to avoid the infestation getting worse.

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