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I'm not a tenant but I don't like the service I received from the management . I'm trying to rent a unit and its urgent and when I ask the super for the landlords number he keep saying he can't there's no need to get it
So I'm wondering why I can't know my potential landlords number why is the number so top secret
I guess they do want money

Be aware.

This property is very poorly managed and building management is not very helpfull.

Bedbugs are the least of this propertys concerns and don't be foolded by the cover up paint and touch ups as the problems are both with the building and the management.

I have never lived in this apartment nor have any knowledge of the place itself. However,I know of a lot of troublesome tenants first hand, as i also rent places out. Bedbugs, usually come from mattresses that carry the bedbugs, and then they spread out into the whole suite. So, to blame the LANDLORD OR THE OWNER IS NOT FAIR AND REALLY UNJUST. Furthermore, it's the tenants responsibility to make sure that the apartment is clean and the carpets have been steam cleaned before they moved in and to

ask if there has been any trace or reports of bedbugs previously. And they can find out if this apartment has been ordered by the health department, if they are so concerned about it. It sounds like the people(anonymous) here complaining about the bedbugs may be the ones who brought the same bedbugs into the apartment to begin with by not being clean and washing themselves frequently or their apartment, from what I here about the state of there apartment after they left their suite.

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Today I learned that -- despite having received a letter saying that the building will be sprayed -- only eight units will be treated on Monday.

I was told in writing today (Wednesday) that there was a report of bedbugs on the fourth floor and that they'll be spraying for them in about a week (Monday). Last time there was a bug scare, they put some stuff in my outlets and that was it, but this time they're spraying the perimeters of every room.

To get some things straight, the NEW super is very very nice and willing to do anything I ask. They got a new super just about a week ago.

Not all the units have bugs, only about 2 units that I know of on the 2nd floor, South-East corner of the building. Working to getting rid of them now.

I am completely confused by the previous commenter. S/he must have had a particularly bad experience.

Granted, I have only lived in this building for a short time, I have not had any problems. The building is old that's for sure but this is part of the appeal. The supers have been extremely friendly and accommodating so far. They patched up some broken drywall the very same day I requested it. Charming people.

As far as I know (at least in my unit) there are no traces of begbugs or ve

rmin of any kind. The only problem I have is the shortage of (working) power outlets and the dripping taps.

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This building is in bad shape. the stairs are almost rotted through and the halls are dirty with bikes, carriages , shoes and other stuff jamming the halls. A major fire hazard.
If you complain to the super she will look at you like you have 5 heads.
The cupboards and sinks look as if they have not been replaced since 1925
The owner is no better. She is a rude and bitter woman who treats the tenants as if they should be thanking her to live there.
Renovations were done to the OUTSIDE of the

property NOT the inside.
For rent signs stay up for 6 mths at a time or more.
They have a very difficult time renting because of the nasty condition of the inside of the building.
Complain to the owner and you will be treated like a trouble maker and threatened with eviction.
I highly doubt that any tenant complained in order to avoid paying rent.
Not paying rent was likely a last resort. Management will do nothing to make sure the building is clean and livable.
It is slum housing all the way.

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i am a tenant and i can say that the building is with out bedbugs. when i was concerned i was offered to have my home sprayed. i had no bedbugs in the end. the building is under some new reno's and i foresee really nice things being done to restore toronto's old brick building.

The September 2010 report is all **False** it has been posted by a **Disgruntled Tenant** and was filed maliciously.

The tenants Briar M. and Sean G. simply wanted to move out without giving a proper notice and used the bedbugs as an excuse.

We are thankful that they moved out and we hope that other tenants will not spray paint the walls with graffiti like they did. We hope that other tenant will clean the white bathtub regularly and will not allow it to turn black. We will save yo

u from describing the smell and garbage that was left behind.

Whoever wrote that report should be ashamed !!!!

For the last few months the landlord has been renovating the building in order to improve the quality of life for the tenants.
This is the way that some people say thank you. At least the other tenants are much more appreciative!

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It's a long story, but we got bugs as did several other tenants in the building. Not sure where it started but it was bad. Bugs coming out of the walls, hiding behind picture frames, inside dvd cases. When we brought this to the attention of the landlord he didn't want to spray the building and never did. He did use a bug bomb, only after we had called public health, and bug bombs only make the problem worse, by spreading the bedbugs into other apartments. We realized that the only way to rid ou

rselves of the bugs was to move out and while we were still living there the owner was showing our apartment to other potential renters and told us not to mention the bugs. We did, but after we left he rented out the apartment to somebody anyways. I'm pretty sure the only safe way to deal with the bugs in that building, as it's very old and not well maintained would be to tear it apart, condemn it, something. We first noticed the bugs sometime in june and we moved out in august..

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