101 Vaughan Rd
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Is there currently bedbug issues in the apartment building? If anyone could let me know, that would be great as I am considering moving here.


I am currently residing at this address and have been here for seven months, have not heard anything about bed bugs, and there are no other pests here either, maybe previous tenant was the problem.

Please I am about to move in this building but I wondering if there is still bedbugs issues and which floor? . Thanks for your answer

It's funny that as a former tenant you hide behind the veil of anonymity. This building is wonderful and I have never heard of any bed bug issues in the building before. I have known management here for years and they have always been exceptional.

John Smith

I have been checking this website often, since I had a problem with bedbugs in my apartment about two years ago (I had lived in the building for over a year when this happened, and I still live there). If you were told there had never been a problem, you were lied to, as I assume they lied to me when they said this was the first case of bedbugs in the building.

After arguing with management about the problem (they tried to blame me, and told me that I would have to pay for the treatments), th

ey finally agreed to spray. I packed up my entire apartment and it was sprayed a number of times. I tried to convince them that the apartments around me should be sprayed as well, but they immediately dismissed that idea and made it obvious I was to keep this information to myself.

As another poster said...worst experience of my life. I had a terrible reaction to the bites. I'm still paranoid and I've been left with insomnia that I'm afraid is permanent. My bed remains in quarantine containers to prevent bedbugs from getting in again.

Thankfully, the containers appear to have kept the bugs out, and two years later, I haven't had another problem. If I do, I will definitely leave, although Toronto appears to be infested with them, and I doubt that anywhere is safe anymore.

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I'm surprised to read this posting as I have lived in the building for the past 22 years and have never seen a bedbug. I think this former tenant is being spiteful as management is terrific, and the building has been run professionally since I first moved in.

This is also why I left in the summer of 2010. I see nothing was ever rectified! I wonder if the other tenants in the building were ever informed.. I only ever saw one bug in my apartment but that was enough. Management said it must have come from me because I was the only one that ever reported it.
OR, someone else's place was infested and they just never wanted to report it for fear of being evicted!
Avoid this place...

I first found bedbugs in mid February of 2011.

Once actual bugs were found (bites weren't proof), management was quick to get people in to treat it. Which was good and reassuring. However, only the one apartment was treated.
A total of 5 treatments over 4.5 months occured (again, all only in the one unit) but the bugs kept coming back.

Management didn't want to believe that the bugs could be coming in from a different unit as nobody else had reported anything.....that said, we all kno

w that not everybody reacts to the bites and even if they were, people are often too embarrased to tell others so maybe someone was trying to treat it on their own. It was also very uncormfortable because management kept trying to suggest that it was my fault that they were there.

Managaement didn't want to continue paying for treatments and recommended (not forced, but still) I move out. I was told that if I moved out they could gut the apt. and treat properly/thoroughly....essentially better for both of us.

And so I moved. After making that decision I then learned that they were only going to seal the apt. not gut and treat it.
And that they were showing the apt. for Aug. 1 availability.....Liars, and they're not informing anyone (current tenants or prospective) about the situation.

Yeah....probably the worst experience of my life - it makes you paranoid, can't sleep, lost SO MUCH MONEY on furniture, laundry and then the move when I finally ran away. It's been a month and I still keep looking on the floors and walls and sheets for a sign that the bugs followed me...fortunately I've not seen anything.

Stay away from Vaughan Rd. It looks like almost all the apartments are infected.

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