100 Raglan Ave
Toronto, ON M6C

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I HAVE A MOUSE and FOUND 2 ROACHES TODAY IN MY UNIT! I reported the mouse and nothing was done. I am re-reporting it. I set my own traps and nothing was caught for 2months (i thought the mouse went into another unit) but now it has returned.

Saw 2 roaches oct 29/12 in my clean kitchen. One was climbing a wall the other ran into a crack. IM NOT HAPPY and will report it today!

I notice there is no recent activity on this forum. I looked at an apartment there today and it looked completely renovated and redone. Does anyone still have issues with bedbugs in this location or has it been resolved?

The first person who posted, which floor was this? I'm planning on taking a look at the building. Thanks!

I've lived here for many years without any pest problems. Last year (March 2011) I moved to a new apartment within the building and suddenly I had bedbugs!!! I soon found out that at least 3 apartments surrounding mine have a HUGE infestation of both bedbugs and roaches. It's been horrible. My apartment has been sprayed 4 times since February 2012. We haven't had any bites or seen any bugs since the last spraying 1 month ago but we've decided to move anyways. It's been horrible - my family has

been living out of plastic bags and bins to help prevent any further contamination. Unfortunately my neighbours don't seem interested in doing the work to clean up their apartment to prevent the bedbugs from coming back. I can't wait until August 1st which is when we move out!!! I do have to say that the property management was really good and took quick measures to get our place sprayed each time we noticed bugs or bites! They were good to deal with. It's just my horrible neighbours who aren't doing their part. They even drag furniture with bedbugs on it thru the hallway risking infecting all other apartments on that floor. So rude!

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I was throwing out garbage when I noticed a bunch of furniture outside and written On it said "BED BUGS DO NOT TOUCH" so I asked about it to the maintenance men and they said oh it's nothing. Then I saw a tenant in the laundry room with TONS of clothes in bags and she began to tell me that the building had bed bugs. I have constantly see ORKIN here. I then spoke with maitnance again and they try to tell me it's fine. Not to mention this building has cockroaches too. It's DISGUSTING

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