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Woke up about a week ago with a bite mark on my chest but brushed it off thinking it was just a spider bite. A couple days later I'm sitting on my couch and I see something crawling on the wall. Grabbed a tissue to kill what I thought was a cockroach, boy did I get the shock of my life when I realized it was a bedbug. I panicked, striped my bed and found another one. The cockroach problems in this building are bad enough, but it's even more annoying when you do your best to prevent getting bed b

ugs and get them any way because management/ TCHC doesn't even follow the proper procedures set out by the City of Toronto & Toronto public health. The only spray, which is useless against the countless number of eggs that cannot be seen with the naked eye. To make matters worse, there is no one willing to assist in the prep of your unit if you are unable to do so. No St-Clair Services (as the last person noted). There is no financial assistance provided to help you cope with the financial loss of losing furniture, buying protective supplies, and having to wash ALL YOUR ITEMS. This building still has a major issue with bed bugs, but most don't bother to report it because they are simply unable to prep. You gotta love the fact that they just 3/4 million dollars to renovate the HQ but can't afford to provide proper bed bug eradication (ie: steam treatments) or even assistance to those in need. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the first and last time I have to go through this. It truly is hell.

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Perhaps if the four tenants on the 12th and 14th floor would take a moment to stop complaining and fear mongering they would have time to steam clean their own units which are in fact supplied by the THC team. If you can't do it yourself, St.Clair Senior Services are on hand, and you know it. Quite blaming other people for your problems and clean it up like other people do.

Repeat infestation this past November 2010. My computer not working so could not register the occurrence. November doesn't seem to be my month. It's a fact of life here. Someone on a balcony above me peed all over my clean bags of clothing stored on my balcony. Nice.

And Toronto Community Housing employees have reportedly been spending $40,000 on a Christmas party, thousands on mani and pedicures, thousands on chocolates...


Think I hear a voice echoing "Let them eat cake..."

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Welll the apparment says that they will d something about.
but nothing
we live on the 18 floor and fr 2 yrs dealing with it.
the itchy bites are all over our bodys
we have had ppl come and spary every monday .
there stilll here
and today i found out we have them again -__-
i even saw the crawling around :S

there is the :
-living room
-kitchen caboardes


We NEED soone to doo something about to problem!! and sooon


Noticed bed bug bites over this past weekend, as predicted a month ago. Prepped during week, treated by new pco today (Oct 29/09) in my 12th floor apartment. I have a bad case of bed bug dread and exhaustion, can't take it anymore. Toronto Housing must step up to the plate and try something, anything more to try to gain control over this problem. They promised to at least steam clean the disgusting filthy incubator hall carpets one year ago and still haven't done it. Basic housekeeping migh

t help, I would think.

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September 30/09 Three people treated for bed bugs here on the 12th floor today. It will probably only be a matter of time before I find them in my unit again too. How depressing.

Aug 28/09 Bed bugs still rampant at 855 Roselawn Ave. On this date we had to take a 68 year old woman to hospital - there they told us that this is the worse case of bedbug bites they had seen to date. Pretty bad, eh! This person's apt. was supposed to have been sprayed five times in the past months - however, two weeks ago we told management that she was carring bedbugs around in her travels throught the building, therefore exposing unsuspecting residents, Toronto Community Housing apparen

tly did not respond to the latest report - then again Aug 28/09 because they were biting her so bad she was downstairs late at night. Upon investigating what was wrong we were informed of the above and was finally able to get her to agree to go to the hospital. Being the weekend that was all we, as residents, could do until Monday. The landlord is not taking into consideration that this is how the bugs get into other places and therefore, not making a clean sweep of the whole building. There were visible bugs clawing all over her - poor thing. The City of Toronto should be ashamed of themselves - no doubt, to date they have spent enough doing individual units to have done the complete building. So many of us are living daily in fear of bringing them into our units - if we do they will spray - in the meantime we live in constant fear - do all we can to prevent this as individuals with no assistance from the Landlord. They knew two years ago that the bugs we present - it would have been easier to get to get rid of them then but now I wonder if we will ever be able to live in peace and comfort. The City of Toronto is breaking every law that they impose on private landlords - something is very wrong with this picture and I will be pursuing this further come Monday - we've had enough and are getting ready to do whatever it takes to make the City take notice - even when it seems like there's little going to get done. We shall see.

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Bed bugs in my twelfth floor apt again. Toronto Housing has sprayed twice. Several other people on the twelfth have also had them this past month. Numerous items of upholstered and other furniture, including beds, couches, chairs, etc. visible in the garbage bins indicate that there are infestations on many other floors as well.

November 4, 2008 found and reported bed bugs in my unit on the 12th floor. Treatment scheduled for November 12, 2008. After telling my next-door neighbor about this, discovered that she too is infested. Also met up with two women in the laundry room who report infestation in their twelfth floor apartment as well.

This publicly funded high rise apartment building has been struggling with a severe bed bug infestation for at least two years now. It has been the subject of both televised and print media reports (W5, Toronto Star, etc.). Up until earlier this year it was a "mixed" building, housing both market rental and subsidized units. In May of this year it became exclusively managed by local government. They struggle with funding deficits and have already done a fair bit to turn around the previous "

band-aid" approach to repair and maintenance, but we're still a long way to an integrated approach to the management and control of this problem.
Last week I approached the exterminator in the hall (they are regularly here on a weekly basis) and asked if he thought the problem would be controlled soon. He said that he couldn't imagine that happening until the very, very distant future, that this was without a doubt the most infested building on his current roster.
I guess that, in summary, the bed bug infestation is handled by property management as best they know how at this time but there is room for improvement and the problem remains endemic to the building. I would not knowingly move into this situation.

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