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November 12, 2014

In September I asked the superintendent if anyone had complained about bugs in their unit as my 7yr old had what looked like mosquito bites on her. He said no, no one had had any bug problems. Less than a week later a notice went up saying there would be treatments done for cockroaches but nothing for any other bug. My child continued to wake with a bite or two here and there however because neither myself nor my toddler had any bites, I didn't think of bed bugs.

This mor

ning my 7yr old daughter woke up with almost 30 bites on her. Alarmed, I took her to the dr and he told me that not only were her bites from bed bugs, he'd had numerous patients from this building come to him with bed bug bites over the past while and that this building was infested!! I spoke to a friend in the building and he said he's had his unit treated twice and he STILL has them!! He informed me the superintendent himself explained to him they are coming in through the electrical, living in the walls and traveling along the wiring. So much for no bug problem eh?!?!

Management has known about this problem for far too long without doing anything. They treated the building for cockroaches due to one unit but not bed bugs when there is a known infestation here??

Needless to say I'm furious! The laxidasical position management has taken has now affected my child. She's itching and miserable. Not to mention as a single parent I cannot afford new mattresses or a couch, all of which I'm told will have to go in the trash. I've had enough and will be moving asap.


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Havent seen anymore complaints on here about 3000 Dufferin. Has the problem gone away? And what floors of the buildibg were affected by the bedbugs?

Havent seen anymore complaints on here about 3000 Dufferin. Has the problem gone away? And what floors of the buildibg were affected by the bedbugs?

Found bed bugs behind my bed and on the bottom of the box spring. There were quite a few and my spouse and I did get bitten a few times. I told the management and the super spoke to me a couple of hours later. He said that in about a week, a pest control company would attend and heat treat the entire apartment. A lot of buildings have this problem and I can say that the management at 3000 Dufferin has been pretty good about it. I know that our place was treated a year ago as a precaution since a

tenant under us had bed bugs. I guess it wasn't that effective. They gave out notices to everyone that would be affected and were upfront about the nature of the problem. In reading some of the postings on here, some buildings have management that wants to keep things on the down-low and hope the problem just goes away. Though bed bugs suck, 3000 dufferin is probably not the worst building considering its size.

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Dates, I'm not sure of dates but this is the 5th time they are coming in to spray and this time use heat. My neighbour and I were talking and think maybe since we have to pack everything up anyway, perhaps we should move. We've both fought with our spouses, had to buy new beds and bedding. We were told by the salesman that it was a clean building. Apparently not. The Building Manager told me that out of 19 floors, 9 had bedbugs. Go figure.

Stupid thing is.....we havent seen a bedbug since the

last time he sprayed. Company they are using, Magical Pest Control isnt so magical.

I'm in a wheelchair, we have an old cat. What are we to do if most of our stuff has to go on the balcony because it won't stand 140 degree heat???

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Dealing with Bed Bugs my entire rental experience. Have got rid of two beds and now facing number three. Tried to get rid of bugs ourselves, didn't work. Dufferin hired exterminators and that didn't work. Hoping to get exterminators to come back. Not sure if they will ever fully be gone from this building. But if this extermination doesn't work I'm out of here.

Big bed bug infestation that keeps spreading throughout building. Multiple exterminator spraying, very clean building, but they keep migrating.

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