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I have stayed at the palace and have not experienced bed bugs and when I seen a mouse I told management and pest control was called in so I was happy with my stay and it was quiet

I have stayed here and never experienced anything like this. The management here is very accomadating and find it hard to believe what the previous person is writing about. Why would somebody stay in a place that was so awful. It just doesn't make any sense.

Yes it is not the Taj Mahal, but it is a very reasonable place to stay. The previous review was so harsh, why would someone stay there. Like the person stayaed multiple times. (just doesn't make sense} if it was so bad.

I had to stay

here a few months before i was able to rent an apartment, but it was nothing like the previous reviewer mentioned. It was a godsend in a very difficult time.

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The "Palace Arms" Hotel provides transient accommodation to those just above homelessness. I have experienced bed bugs in several units at the Palace. To their credit, management promptly discarded the mattress and sprayed insecticide when notified of an infestation. I have even seen them rip out carpeting when needed.

Although bed bugs are a great concern, I have also been infested with other pests while staying at the Palace; head lice, body lice, crabs and scabies. These infestations a

re discomforting and expensive to treat. It seems I would be re-infested with scabies whenever the bed linens were changed.

There are also cockroaches and rodents.

Bottom line - bring your own linens or launder those provided before using. Keep your clothing enclosed in strong plastic bags. And be vigilant - inspect your belongings carefully.

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