650 Queens Quay W
Toronto, ON M5V

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Whoever has bed bugs in this condo MUST report it to the board of directors and have this taken cared of before it gets out of control.

To Fed-UP on 07/19/2011. This is a very serious situation. I live in this building and would like to know which unit or floor you live on. This problem needs to be rectified on the whole structure by the Condo Board of Directors.

They must be coming from this homeless drop-in centre in your building - http://www.toronto.ca/housing/info-agencies-dropins.htm
Terrible !!

I started to get red itchy bumps here and there and then they started to happen more often. I had an exterminator come in they found them in the corner of my box-spring. They said it was a mild infestation and I was lucky that I found them. I threw out my box-spring and any bedding I had along with a few other things.

They sprayed my bed, mattress, and couches. I bought a case for my mattress so that if any survived they wouldn't be able to get out out get into the mattress as recommended by

the extermination company. I left the powder that they spray in the couch crevices as recommended by the company (it is suppose to last 12 months) this way anything living in the couch is suppose to die on contact.

It has now been almost a month since the last spray and I woke up with a bite again this morning. I have called to follow up with the exterminator to see what my next steps are.

I will keep you posted.

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