633 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M5V
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My partner and I lived here in 2008 for approx. 8 months. We had to break our lease early because of a severe bedbug/cockroach problem that the Housing Co-Op board refused to acknowledge. After countless e-mails and phone calls, the building superintendent (an always-creepy gent who would regale us with tales of the various bug problems he'd seen in New York), came to inspect our unit. He initially told is that the bugs we had seen couldn't have been roaches or bedbugs, and assured us the buildi

ng would "gel" the apartment right away to stave-off any potential issues.

Took them two weeks to finally get around to our unit, during which time we had actually caught a German cockroach (an adult, and one of the hardest roach species to get rid of), frozen it in a jar, as well as had seen a few bedbugs around the baseboard heaters and footings of the floor moldings.

They couldn't deny an infestation as we now had proof of both insects, and proceeded to have a pest control agent come look at our unit.

Even after we had been inspected, and our unit clearly compromised, the building mgmt simply suggested we move to another unit on the 9th floor... (like this would solve the issue).

The strange (and fortuitous) part of it all, was that during our initial viewing of the units at the building, we had seen evidence of spraying and "gel" usage, but like most hopeful tenants we ignored the tell-tale signs of previous pestilence.

During the last (and 8th month of our lease), we caught or had seen more than a dozen roaches of varying lifecycles (I've since become an expert in spotting evidence of bug problems), and had been bitten and shown allergic reactions frequently.

Combined with the meth addict next door, and the bug issues that the building an co-op decidedly turned blind eyes to, we finally terminated our lease agreement after threatening to call the T.O. Board of Health.

I still feel bad for the swanky, wealthy condos across the street. Tip Top Tailor lofts have no idea what is lurking 30 feet from their doorstep. All it takes is a hot summer day and an adventurous pregnant roach to start a wildfire of mayhem.

Stay away from 633 Lakeshore Blvd.

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