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Any new bed bugs report here? Looking to move in here soon! Please let me know.

I have distinct red itchy spots appearing on my body every day in new spots sometimes same place. Made me nervous. Have yet to see a bug but these reports make me nervous. I can't think of another way to explain these bites. So strange and annoying!!! Consistent and increasing for the past month now

Oh no. I've been getting itchy red marks on my body. new place every time pretty much. Haven't seen any bed bugs but the marks match what I've seen online. Maybe I should get someone in to check. Especially if you've seen some in the building recently...

Started getting bites in June but the rest of my family wasn't so I let it go. My husband noticed bites last month and I still felt like i was being bitten on most nights once or twice. I did a full sweep of the apt, in June and continued to check for bed bugs throughout with nothing. Finally last week I saw 2 bed bugs climbing the wall and immediately called an exterminator. They came and will come again in a couple weeks since it takes more than one treatment to get the full cycle of bugs. Hop

e this works. Seems like we're the first in this building to experience them.

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