46 Draper St
Toronto, ON M5V

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Not sure about bedbugs, but this building had a very serious cockroach problem in 2006.
It was a horrendous place to live at - 3am and 4am fights between the landlord and her adult son nightly, the worst infestation of cockroaches I have ever seen (behind every picture frame, they quickly migrated between pages in my books and inside boxes of tea, as well as anything else left out of the fridge), the son solicits sex workers in the house, there were thefts and room break-ins - and the landlord

is aware of all the problems. She will ask you to pay in cash.

I didn't live there long.. it may have cleaned up or changed landlords since then, but it was a terrible experience that I want to warn about. Ask lots of questions and look behind picture frames (especially the flowered moulded picture in the kitchen.)

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