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I slept in a private room for one night on May, the second, 2010. I noticed a few red bites when I woke up at morning and ran away from the hostel... I am hoping I didn't bring any bedbug home.

I stayed two nights in a single private room at Canadiana Backpacker's Inn on April 15-16. The hostel is clean and the staff are very friendly so I never expected that I'd get bedbugs. After the first night at the hostel I noticed what looks like several red bites. I suspected bedbugs, but never having experienced this problem nor ever seeing the bug, I did not want to cause alarm before I had more evidence. On my second night I did not get more bites, so I thought nothing of it. The next day I

stayed at a friend's house and the following day, my friend discovered a bedbug crawling in her hallway. She killed it and verified that it is bedbug. I called the hostel right away to inform them that they likely have bedbugs. I don't know what the hostel is doing about it, but I'd imagine that hostels have this problem all the time since they get so many travellers. It's pity that this happened because I liked that hostel very much, but from now on, I am avoiding hostels altogether. I just won't take anymore chances.

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