410 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M5V

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Landlord is horrible and the Second Apartment, or the third floor is infested. I lived in the top which was manageable but I was to believe they were in the insulation etc.

This address is aware of the situation. Since the bed bugs have been discovered on September 28th. The apartments have had two chemical treatments. The first was on October the 1st, and the second treatment was on October 14th. Another treatment is scheduled for the end of the month. Ongoing routine of cleanliness, vacuuming and laundry is in practice. This is an epidemic across most of Toronto. There is a guarantee provided with most pest control companies and together we can all help Toronto g

et rid of this pest.

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410 Queen St West, at the intersection of Queen and Spadina has a major problem of Bed Bugs. There are 3 apartments in this building which is located above "JACOBS HARDWARE STORE"

The First Floor apartment had their floor sprayed and the livein landlord knew about this but failedto mention it to the second floor and third floor apartments. Now the second floor apartment is covered with Bed Bugs, 3 tenants have moved out leaving lotsof stuff behind, screwing them over financially and the Lan

dlord has not done anything about this. He is trying to get replacements for roomates there without telling them about the BED BUG infestation.

I have 2 tenants you can speak too about this ordel.

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